3 Of Cups Reversed: Love, Career, Advice & More

When the 3 of Cups shows up in reversed position during a tarot reading, it can be quite difficult to understand how to interpret the meaning of this tarot card correctly. 

I can totally relate; when I just started out learning tarot, the reversal meanings of the cards would totally dazzle and overwhelm me at times!

That’s why I’ve decided to create this article for you so you’ll effortlessly be able to discover the general reversed meaning of the 3 of Cups, as well as its specific meaning when it comes to love, career, advice and more. Let’s dive in!  

3 Of Cups Reversed Meaning

The 3 of Cups in reversed position generally represents a sense of solitude and isolation. It indicates feeling the need to withdraw from social activities and spend some time by yourself. It may indicate feeling misunderstood by those around you or society in general. 

When the 3 of Cups pops ups during your tarot reading in reverse, it is often a sign of feeling an underlying need to expand your social circle. Even though at this moment in time you may feel the desire to withdraw and spend some time alone, this need for solitude often has a deeper reason.

The 3 of Cups in reversed position can show up as a form of encouragement to try and find a like-minded group of people

After having spend some necessary time by yourself, try to come up with ways and ideas on how to extend your social circle and make it feel more fitting to your true self and the vision you have for your future. 

3 of cups from the Light Seers tarot deck
The 3 of Cups tarot card from the beautiful The Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

In order to attract the type of people that are right for you and suit you best, it is also essential to be able to spend time by yourself and feel truly happy and content about it. 

Having a strong sense of independence and not feel the need to depend on others all the time is an attractive trait to possess in both love and friendships and will make sure you attract people that are truly right for you, instead of people who are just a welcome distraction.

Additionally, the 3 of Cups in reverse encourages to be more creative and find ways to express your true self. This can be either through music, some type of art or other means. Whatever you choose; make sure it’s something you feel most intuitively drawn to. 

3 Of Cups Reversed Love & Feelings Meaning

When it comes to love and feelings, the 3 of Cups in reverse indicates temporary highs. It represents excitement that may soon fizzle out when the high of a new love wears off. It can also indicate a third party situation throwing a spanner in the works.

When the Three of Cups in reversed position shows up during a love themed tarot reading it often describes a passionate relationship or fling that may soon be threatened by either boredom or other people trying to sabotage or harm the relationship by spreading rumours or gossiping. 

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3 Of Cups Reversed As Advice

As advice, the 3 of Cups reversed can be taken as a form of encouragement to take a step back for a while and focus on yourself. Allow yourself some much needed rest and put things in order before making any impactful decisions. Spending more time in nature will likely be greatly beneficial. 

The 3 of Cups in reverse can indicate some sort of emotional blockage. Instead of trying to hide in other activities such as work or excessive partying, it is best advised to allow yourself some time off to connect with your Higher Self

The 3 of Cups in reverse wants you to start appreciating spending time in your own company and learn more about what personally drives you and makes you happy.

3 of Cups reversed explained at 17:10 by ‘Moonlight Guidance’

3 Of Cups Reversed Career Meaning

When it comes to career and finances, the 3 of Cups in reversed position indicates something working out different than planned. Somebody in the workplace may try to sabotage a plan out of jealousy. It’s best advised to stay on the low and only share your ideas with a few people you deeply trust. 

The Three of Cups in reversed position often shows up during a tarot reading when you currently find yourself in an environment filled with bitterness and envy

It may indicate that conflict and negativity are the order of the day which can eventually leave you to start feeling drained and uninspired. It is time to come up with a constructive plan to either improve the situation or jump to a different opportunity. 

Make sure to keep your plans to yourself until their permanent though as the Three of Cups in reverse warns about gossip and jealousy in general. 

The 3 of Cups in reversed can also be taken as a sign of encouragement to not thoughtlessly spend your money but find smart and efficient ways to save money as this can provide a lot of relief with regards to feeling financially secure in the long run. 

3 Of Cups Reversed As A Person

As a person, the 3 of Cups embodies someone who likes to keep to themselves and finds it difficult to follow through on plans. They may be struggling with sharing their emotions and as a result can lose themselves in things such as excessive partying or gossiping about others.

Someone who embodies the 3 of Cups in reverse can have the tendency to cancel plans last minute, sometimes without any type of explanation. They like to live on their own terms and do things whenever they feel like it which can sometimes result in conflict and misunderstandings. 

3 Of Cups Reversed Future Meaning

In a future spread, the 3 of Cups reversed indicates that it is important to make sure to keep a sense of balance in life. In order to find happiness and success, try to not solely focus only on money or career but evenly balance the time you spend with friend and family as well. 

Finding the 3 of Cups reversed in the future position can often be taken as a gentle reminder to keep making time for the important things in life

Even though it is greatly encouraged to follow your own path and live your dreams, make sure to not forget about the people who have your best interest in mind. 

In Conclusion

The 3 of Cups in reversed position generally represents a sense of isolation and solitude. It indicates feeling the need to be alone for a while and engage less in social activities. 

When it comes to love and relationships, the 3 of Cups in reverse represents temporary love and third party situations that may throw a spanner in the works.

If you’re pulling the Three of Cups in reverse as an advice card, it can be taken as a sign to focus on yourself for a while and spend some time on your own, preferably in nature.

With regards to career and finances, the 3 of Cups reversed indicates plans being possibly sabotaged by others out of jealousy or insecurity. It is best advised not to share your ideas or plans until you know they’re permanent and can’t be ruined anymore. 

As a person, the 3 of Cups in reversed often embodies someone who is struggling with their emotions and therefore has the tendency to withdraw from plans or social events and sometimes engage in gossiping to avoid becoming the centre of attention themselves.

In a future spread, the 3 of Cups reversed represents the need for keeping things balanced in general. 

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