Are Tarot Cards Ever Wrong?

When it comes to reading tarot cards it can be very confusing at times to understand the meaning of the cards in a certain context. I personally have found myself occasionally questioning the accuracy of the outcome of my tarot cards which lead me to wonder whether tarot cards can ever be wrong. I did some research on it and this is what I’ve found.

Are tarot cards ever wrong? The meaning of tarot cards will not change so therefore tarot cards can technically never be wrong. However depending on the energy and intentions of the person carrying out the reading, tarot cards can be interpreted in the wrong way.

If you want to make sure you will receive an accurate tarot reading, then keep on reading as I will now give you some crucial tips on how to optimize your chances of leaving your tarot reading feeling you’ve gained some great helpful insights!

Tips for Receiving an Accurate Tarot Reading

Understanding The Meanings Of The Cards

As simple as it may sound, understanding the meaning of the tarot cards is one of the most important parts to making sure your tarot cards will give you the right answers. Especially when you’re just starting out with tarot, it can be quite overwhelming to try to understand and also remember the specific meanings of all the 78 cards. Don’t take this part of your tarot journey lightly and make sure you do extensive research on each tarot card before even thinking about doing a reading by yourself. When you do start out reading tarot without understanding the meaning of the cards, the possibility of the cards being misread will be much more likely than when you feel confident in your tarot knowledge. Make sure you can look beyond the impressions of the illustrations on the, supposedly, ‘dramatic’ tarot cards and find an interpretation that can be best suited to your circumstances.

Checking Your Energy Levels

Now that you’ve made sure you know the meaning and possible interpretations of all the tarot cards it is key to check your energy levels before performing a tarot reading. It is well known that the power of tarot isn’t within the cards itself, it is within the person reading and interpreting the tarot cards. There is no magical force within the cards, the magical force is you! Therefore, in order to get the best possible outcome out of your reading you should feel confident in the fact you are well rested and in a high energy mode. Feeling tired or low will not be beneficial for your reading and can in fact contribute to an unreliable outcome.

Creating a Soothing and Safe Environment

It is always nice to be in a place where you can feel cozy, relaxed and safe. This is especially true and essential when you are reading your tarot cards. Create a soothing and safe environment for yourself by making sure you will not be disturbed during your reading, keeping loud noises that can distract you to a minimum and use incense or crystals to spiritually cleanse your environment. Apart from their amazing looks, crystals can be very beneficial for creating a feeling of safety and security for yourself. All crystals have different kinds of healing abilities, so you can choose for yourself which one suits you and the space surrounding you best. While choosing a crystal, use your intuition to guide you to the stone you feel initially drawn to. Don’t just choose based on looks, but make sure you feel a sense of peace and calm when selecting the crystals right for you. Another wonderful attribute that can help you feel soothed and at ease is a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Apart from being an awesome and unique natural source of light for decorating your home, they offer a wide range of healing functions far beyond just their aesthetic looks. They will for example balance electromagnetic radiation, purify the air, raise energy vibrations and sharpen your concentration levels.

Keep a Positive Attitude

When you have a negative attitude, this will without a doubt reflect in your reading. In order to be able to connect with your deepest and truest higher-self, it is best advised to keep a positive attitude throughout your reading at all times. In order to be sure you can start your tarot reading from a calm and positive state of mind, you can try and meditate for a moment to come back to a place of peace. Another way to keep a positive attitude is to focus your attention on the things in your life you are thankful for, as small as they may be. This wil automatically lift your spirits and make you feel lighter.

Don’t Ask Negative Questions

Tarot cards are meant to guide you, therefore it is best to ask questions in a more broad and spacious manner in order to get answers that will push you into a direction where you will see possibilities to influence or tackle a certain situation in your life in a positive way. Asking negative questions such as: “will he leave me” are not constructive to your life and will most probably lead to an answer that reflects your hidden insecurities regarding your partner possibly planning on leaving you. Instead, you can ask the question from a position of personal strength and empowerment. A better question to ask would be: “what can I do myself to attribute to keeping a loving and healthy relationship with my partner?”.

Keep an Open Mind

In order to get a real answer out of your tarot cards, you have to be willing to keep an open mind. When you’re fixed on receiving a certain outcome it can mess up the actual answer meant for you big time as the tarot cards will be a reflection of your thoughts and underlaying feelings. Letting go of your ego and keeping an open mind will result in a reliable outcome, even though you may not always like the answer at first. However keep in mind, the cards have your best interest at heart and want you to succeed. Even though the answers may not always feel like it, and can be quite confrontational at times, it may just turn out to become a blessing in disguise as the end result may be better than you could ever imagine before. Always believe there is silver lining whatever the answer may be!

Don’t Hold Back

Never hold back your real emotions when you’re reading tarot cards or when you’re receiving a tarot reading from someone. A blockage within your emotions might result in an outcome that is not entirely as it was meant to be. In order to have the most accurate reading as possible, make sure to open yourself up and trust the process and the cards being in your best interest.

Just Do It (Again)

If you’ve gone through a reading and end up with a feeling where your gut tells you the outcome of the reading was not meant for you, just know that you are free to always try again at a later moment. This way, you can ask the same questions and ‘test’ whether the outcome will be the same. Of course, you should always be honest with yourself and question yourself whether you just don’t like the outcome of the reading, or if your intuition is telling you the cards really weren’t right for you. Don’t hesitate to let the cards rest and get back to them at a moment you feel is more right for you.

Stay Grounded and Down to Earth

Even though tarot is an awesome way of getting in touch with your higher-self and gaining you valuable insights on living your best possible life, it still are just paper cards. Don’t let a tarot reading get you down in a rut, it’s not worth it at all! Tarot should always leave you feeling positive, energized and motivated to tackle aspects of your life in a way that will help you for the better. Keep your common sense, stay down to earth, and see tarot as an entertaining part of your self-care routine that you shouldn’t take too seriously. Keep it fun and light!

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