Are Online Tarot Readings Accurate?

With tarot YouTube channels spreading like wildfires nowadays you might find yourself wondering whether online (YouTube) tarot readings are actually accurate.

Put down your sage and crystals for a moment and let me break it down for you real quick!

Are online tarot readings accurate? Online tarot readings are accurate. As tarot is just a mere reflection of what you think, feel and believe, an online tarot reading can be equally as accurate as a physical tarot reading when the end goal is to get more in touch with your higher self.

Now that it’s clear that online tarot readings are accurate, let’s dive a bit deeper into finding out the possible ways to get an online tarot reading and help you choose between the digital world, the physical world or the best of both worlds (just like I did)!

Before we start, a short warning though; after reading the rest of this article, I will probably have you addicted to my personal favourite online tarot reader!

You can thank me later.

What kind of online tarot readings are out there?

When it comes to online tarot readings, there are many different shapes and sizes you can choose from.

Just as the great variety you get when it comes to physical tarot decks, the amount of online tarot readings to choose from is huge as well!

You could choose a simple online deck where you get to click your ‘tarot card of the day’ in order to see what the day has in the cards for you (see what I did there).

Or, and this is one of my personal favorites and guilty pleasures, head over to YouTube for some awesome tarot readings.

If you would know me personally, you would be able to confirm the fact that I don’t subscribe to any YouTube channels like.. ever.

Call it laziness or just plain indifference, but there are just not that many channels out there who can get me to click that much desired subscribe button!

However, there is one awesome channel that got me to move my lazy bum and actually physically move my hand from my bag of chips to my screen and click that big old red button.

Now I can hear you think; who is this magical creature and why haven’t I found her yet?

Well let me make an end to your suffering right this moment and just throw it out there …*insert drumroll*… ‘THE TAROT PRIEST’! She is like my personal therapist but without the awkwardness.

I am not even exaggerating.

She has around 160.000 subscribers on her YouTube channel at the moment of me writing this article which she managed to build up in an incredible short amount of time.

Needless to say, the numbers speak for her incredible gift and qualities.

The Tarot Priest

Let me just make it very clear that, even though I understand it may sure seem like it, I do not get paid or credited in any way for promoting her (no, not even with a personal reading ;)).

This chick is just awesome and deserves all my credits.

I seriously love her vibe and she even got me to click her notification button (wow, if that ain’t commitment I don’t know what is).

She is crazy accurate when it comes to her readings and hits the nail straight on the head for me every single time.

On top of that, she is super down to earth, respectful, open minded and really a breathe of fresh air. Seriously, go check her out, you won’t regret it. It is A-Ma-Zing.

How does an online (YouTube) tarot reading work?

An online tarot reading works kind of the same way as the physical kind.

The entire concept is similar.

When you decide to go for the more ‘simpler’ online option and choose to pull a daily tarot card, as soon as you click your card of choice, the outcome meant for you will be displayed on your screen.

When you’re not that familiar with the meanings and possible interpretations of the tarot cards just yet, you can always look them up to understand in what way they might be giving beneficial information for your personal situation.

Hey there my dear Cosmic Companion, thanks for being part of the Calming Cosmos tribe 💖! 

I am so glad you’re here & I hope you find my website enlightening and informative.

Even though I am devoted to share as much knowledge and insights as I can on this blog, nothing compares to experiencing your own personal tarot reading.

The depth, clarity and unique insights of a professional tarot reading can be truly transformative.

Whether you’re just getting started with tarot or you’ve been using this amazing tool for years, every reading has its own special gifts.

That’s why I’m so excited that my favorite online tarot platform Mystic Sense is now offering 5 minutes free for your first reading!

A personal tarot reading can help you:

Gain clarity on a specific situation.

Take action to create positive change.

Tap into your inner wisdom.

Understand the deeper meaning of your spiritual journey.

Connect to a sense of peace, joy and self-discovery.

Open the door to new opportunities & possibilities.

I know there are many online tarot reading platforms out there, but Mystic Sense truly stands out.

Their easy-to-use website, experienced readers and outstanding customer service is second to none (not to mention, the glowing reviews from satisfied customers speak for themselves!).

So go ahead & give them a try, take advantage of this amazing offer and explore the mysteries of your inner Universe.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you choose to do a YouTube tarot reading, most of the time you will be shown 3 or 4 decks of cards with a gorgeous crystal laying on top of them.

Usually your reader will ask you to pick one of the piles based on your intuition.

Now, however tempting this may be; don’t just make your decision based on the nicest looking crystal (trust me I’ve been there, going all crazy on some sparkling amethyst while cutting onions because my cards were crazy inaccurate due to not being in tune with my intuition while making my choice).

Really make the decision using your intuition.

Pause the video if you must and take your time to closely and calmly observe the decks.

You will slowly but surely notice your eyes and attention constantly getting pulled to one specific deck.

As soon as this happens, you will know your deck of choice. If you really can’t choose between two decks, no worries, just listen to both of the readings and take what resonates with you.

Now that you’ve decided what will be your preferred deck you can fast forward to the part of the video where your deck will be revealed and explained based on the interpretations of your reader.

As mentioned above, an awesome YouTube channel I can personally recommend is ‘The Tarot Priest’.

She really never fails to amaze me with her readings being so incredibly accurate and detailed each time.

And of course there are many many other great tarot channels to discover, so go ahead and check them out as well (as a means to pass the time until The Tarot Priest uploads her next video.. yep, I am obsessed, can you tell?).

Is an online tarot reading as good as a physical reading?

For me personally I find that both online tarot readings and physical tarot readings have their own special perks.

Online tarot readings, and especially the YouTube ones, are something I became very much into lately and really give me the self-assurance, motivation and positive vibes I need to get in touch with my higher self and go after my goals.

However, I did not give up on physical readings entirely.

In fact, quite the contrary is true.

As much as I like my weekly dosis of my favourite YouTube channel, (who won’t be named again as I will just appear pathetic at this point) I am in love with my physical tarot decks.

The art of the decks is just so insanely beautiful, it would be a tarot crime to not own at least one physical deck.

Also, holding the cards in your own hands really adds an extra dimension and helps you get in touch with your inner self in no time.  

Finding a good online tarot reader

Well if you’ve read the rest of this article, I hope by now I won’t have to tell you who I would refer you to when it comes to finding a great online tarot card reader.

Okay just one more time because you insisted: it starts with a ‘T’ and ends with ‘he Tarot Priest’.

All bad jokes aside, of course there are a ton of other great tarot readers to find on the World Wide Web, so go out there, explore, have fun but most of all trust your intuition!

And remember; when something feels off, it usually is.

Guard your heart and your spirit, stay grounded and you will do just fine. Happy reading!

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