Why Do So Many Intelligent People Believe In Tarot Cards?

Even though tarot has been increasingly popular for a long period of time now, many people with little or no knowledge about tarot seem to still have this idea made up in their heads that tarot believers live in some kind of magic fantasy world where the inhabitants have totally lost their minds and are putting spells on their enemies in their spare time while cooking up some bubbling green witch potion in their backyard (I do have to admit, this does sound kind of awesome). These people find themselves asking why so many intelligent people believe in tarot cards.

Many intelligent people believe in tarot cards because they don’t consider it the kind of ‘believe’ most people make it out to be. They view tarot as a practical tool that helps them gain clarity and self-awareness while also using it as a way to get more in touch with their higher self.

When I first heard and came to know about tarot, I must admit I had similar kind of prejudices as stated above (yes, including the bubbling wicked witch potion). I honestly found it a bit silly that people would let some deck of colourful cards predict their future and seemingly follow its advice blindly as well.

Well, to keep it short and straight to the point; boy was I wrong.

Fast forward a few years later and here I am sitting in my library of tarot decks while building what some might refer to as a crystal cave museum (with a strong scent of incense, of course). If you would know me personally, you would immediately without a doubt agree with the fact that I am not the kind of person who would let someone or something change my mind easily. In fact, if you’d have a dictionary and look up the word ‘stubborn’, you would surely find a picture with my face on it sporting a not so subtle expression which would just be screaming “told you so!”.

Now I am sure you’re wondering with great anticipation by now what exactly made me change my mind when it comes to tarot cards. Well buckle up, because before you know it, after reading this article you as well might find yourself pulling some tarot cards over morning coffee while simultaneously cleansing your amethyst crystal collection instead of your house.

Gaining Clarity and Insight With Tarot Cards

Tarot is a great self-awareness tool that can help you get your thoughts and feelings in line. Tarot has a way of bringing underlaying emotions to the surface and help you gain the required insights you need to tackle them the right way. Tarot exists of 78 cards which all have a different meaning and purpose and can be interpreted in different kind of ways, depending on which way it might be applicable to your life. Every card can get you to think more deeply on a certain aspect in your life and will give you ideas and possibilities on how to work on this aspects in order to make your life eventually easier and better.

Using Tarot To Put Things in Perspective

In this chaos called life it can be very easy to let yourself slip into that dark place inside of yourself when things don’t go as planned. It is so tempting to dwell on the things that go wrong in your life instead of focussing on the things you do actually have some kind of influence on. Tarot doesn’t let you get away with that. Because the cards all have a deeper meaning and  knowledge in them which can be interpreted in many ways, they have a way of helping you putting the things happening in your life in perspective. Instead of just being able to see black, white and maybe a shade of grey, with the help of the tarot cards you can now see all the colours of the rainbow in full glory. How gorgeous is that. Tarot can be a very helpful tool to remember the things in your life you actually can be thankful for and helping you remember and believe that not all hope is lost, at all.

Feelings of Peace and Mindfulness Through Tarot

Because tarot’s main goal is to help you gain more clarity and insight in your true life’s purpose, the cards are automatically an awesome way of receiving a greater feeling of peace. It is actually an amazing way to practice mindfulness as it helps you focus on the positives in your life and gives you hope and the strength to know things are good as they are right now and will eventually work out perfectly if you stay true to your path. Next to relaxing activities such as yoga or meditation, I have found tarot to be a great additional tool to feel more overall calmth.

Using Tarot Cards For Making Decisions

If you are just a little bit like me, you will find yourself having some kind of love hate affair with making decisions as well. To give you a small illustration; I can easily be standing in the supermarket looking at cartons of milk for a good 15 minutes just because I can’t decide which cow I like better and whether this should maybe be the day I finally decide on going plant-based).

Needless to say, I have issues when it comes to making important life choices. That’s where tarot comes in for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t blindly follow the outcomes of my tarot readings but I do take wat resonates with me and let it guide me in a positive and helpful way. Where I can normally kind of push decisions which have to me made to the side and subtly forget them until they eventually make the inevitable (often disastrous) choice for me, tarot readings force me to to think about a certain situation in advance and lead me to the correct thought process in order to make the right decision. There is no ignoring the cards when they are right in front of your face.

Tarot For Improving Relationships

Just as with making decisions, tarot has a way of helping you improve your relationships with your loved ones as well. It can help you shine a light on the relationships you should give more attention, because these relationships have the power to help you get to your ultimate life goals much sooner. The cards will also help you understand not to take your important relationships for granted and how to truly cherish them. On the contrary, tarot cards can also help you see which relationships you should consider letting go of. Even though this will be difficult and not a fun thing to do at all, it inevitably will lead to a life of more peace, time and energy to focus on the people who really do matter in your life.

Tarot For Inspiration And Motivation

For me personally, if I can just name one thing that can help me get to an inspired and motivational state of mind in no time, it has to be tarot. Tarot has a real way of making you feel like you can truly reach your full and true potential. Tarot will help you see all the great things you have in store for the world and help you find your ultimate purpose. The cards have a way of showing you how you could use your talents and put them to work so you can make the world a better place while simultaneously creating a great life for yourself and your loved ones as well.  

Positive Mindset By Using Tarot Cards

When you’ve studied the meaning of the tarot cards and have the knowledge of how you can interpret them in the correct way, tarot will absolutely be able to help you to come out of the negative and into a positive state of mind. All of the cards possess the power to show you the person you are today and who you could become in the near (or not so near) future. A good tarot reading will leave you with a feeling of positivity and energetic vibes, no matter the outcome. Whether you still have to do some work on yourself or not (let’s be real here, we all do), the tarot cards will give you the motivation you need to keep going and eventually reach your goals and full potential.

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