Can You Buy Tarot Cards For Someone Else?

I think we can all familiarize with that feeling of stress when looking at the calendar and realizing the birthday of a loved one is coming up soon. In fact, wasn’t that tomorrow already?! Instead of sprinting to the first store you can find to buy them your regular tedious set of shower gels, cheap smelling candles or those mini cactuses that will never ever die (wow, how great of a friend am I huh?), this time you’re actually considering gifting them something special and more meaningful.

You would like to gift them a deck of tarot cards, but are wondering whether it is actually a good idea to buy tarot cards for someone else. It is a reasonable and considerate question to ask, especially with some people being superstitious nowadays when it comes to tarot cards. I mean, you surely don’t want to accidentally hand your loved one the gift of black magic for their special day (except of course when it’s for your annoying aunt who keeps asking when they’re gonna be invited to your wedding even though you’re still single. In that case you might want to reconsider your gift idea and go for some good old duck tape).

Can you buy tarot cards for someone else? It is absolutely fine to buy a deck of tarot cards for someone else. In fact, it is a very thoughtful and special gift that can be a valuable tool for someone when it comes to self development.

When I myself first started getting into tarot, it was actually because of a deck of tarot cards I received as a gift. Looking back, I couldn’t be more thankful to this lovely generous person as it has truly opened my eyes when it comes to finding my life purpose and being able to get more in touch with my higher self.

Now please allow me to help guide and inspire you further on your quest for finding the perfect spiritual gift.

How To choose The Right Deck of Cards

Depending on whether the person you’re shopping for is an experienced tarot reader or has to yet start on their journey, it still can be difficult task to find a deck that will suit them perfectly. For the beginning tarot reader, I would suggest a deck of cards that comes with a helpful guidebook (I personally love to use this one!) which will help them discover the meanings and interpretations of all the 78 tarot cards. When the gift is for a more experienced tarot reader you might want to observe the decks they already own and find a style of tarot cards that fit perfectly between the rest of them. There are so many beautiful different tarot decks to choose from, it shouldn’t be a problem finding a deck that fits the personality of the lucky individual flawlessly.

Cleansing Tarot Cards

Although it is perfectly fine to buy a deck of tarot cards for someone else without getting them in any kind of spiritual trouble, you might still find it a nice idea to ‘cleanse’ the cards before handing them over to their new happy owner. A good way to do this is by putting a crystal on top of the deck of cards overnight. A perfect crystal to use would be a black tourmaline, as this crystal is known for absorbing negative energy and for it’s grounding ability. That way you can be sure your gift will be received with loads of positive energy surrounding it.

Additional Spiritual Gift Ideas

Tarot cards are already in itself a great gift idea for someone interested in spirituality. Next to tarot cards however, there are a lot of other great spiritual gift ideas you might want to consider;

Healing Crystals Gift Set

A healing crystals set usually consists of all the necessary stones to get started in the world of crystal healing. It is a great gift for someone starting out on their spiritual journey or someone who is obsessed with these precious stones (like me!). You can usually expect such a set to include beautiful stones like an amethyst, black tourmaline and a rose quartz. Usually they also include stuff like sage for cleansing and some kind of meditation spray.

Tarot Journal

A tarot journal can be a helpful tool to get more out of your tarot readings. Instead of forgetting the outcome of your tarot reading as you’re getting on with your day, a tarot journal will allow you to keep track of your progress and help you follow your intuitive path. It can also help you out when starting out as a beginner, as you will be able to memorize the meanings of the cards more quickly by writing them down in your journal.

Oracle Cards

While every deck of tarot cards consists of a set structure, Oracle Cards are designed more freely and can have different structures depending on the deck. Oracle Decks are really beautiful designed, come in all kind of shapes and sizes and have their own unique way of helping you further on your spiritual journey.

Zen Garden

A mini zen garden can be of great additional value for your meditation sessions and help you create a peaceful energy. While scratching the fine sand and small stones with your little rake, it can bring you that tranquil feelings on a busy day. You could even bring them to your office and have a nice rest while you’re sitting in a meeting that could have been an email.

Buddha Board

To help you practice the art of letting go, a Buddha Board is your ideal partner in crime. The Buddha Board offers a unique way to practice relaxing mindfulness. You simply ‘paint’ on the board with water and your creation will appear boldly in front of you. Then, your beautiful creation will slowly disappear again due to the water evaporating. This will leave you with a nice clean slate that allows you to begin your creative process all over again. How awesome!

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat can be a great gift to someone who needs just that last push to join you on your weekly yoga class. As they come in so many colours and designs, you should have no problem picking one that will suit the person perfectly. Besides, I’m sure you don’t want them to be obliged to make use of the general yoga mats provided (or it could just be my personal germaphobe tendencies mucking up right now, in that case ignore what I just said).

Meditation Pillow

With meditation it is essential to sit in a comfortable position. A meditation pillow can help you with this, instead of sitting down on the cold ground, a meditation pillow will leave you relaxed and comfortable and help prevent any kind of aches you certainly don’t want to feel while meditating.

Acupressure Mat

An acupressure mat is a great tool for muscle relaxation and back/neck pain relief. The mat is covered in acupressure ‘spikes’, which sound more torturous than they actually are. In fact, they can help you get ready for a good night sleep as you will feel a total release of stress throughout your body.

Aromatherapy Diffuser

Not only do aromatherapy diffusers make your house smell like you’ve done your spring cleaning in early December, they also provide a great deal of benefits. The spreading of essential oils throughout your house will boost a sense of calm and purify the air.

Salt Lamp

Apart from its aesthetic value, a salt lamp has great benefits for your health. It helps balance electromagnetic radiation, calm allergies, raise your energy level and enhance your overall mood. A Himalayan salt lamp is an ideal lamp to put on a coffee table or on your nightstand. It is also great for yoga or meditation spaces.

Is It Bad Luck If You Buy Your Own Tarot Cards?

Just as it is no problem to buy tarot cards as gift for someone else, you shouldn’t worry about it being bad luck to buy your own deck of cards as well. It is mere superstition to think it is bad luck to buy your own deck of cards. I find it is actually quite the contrary, of course it is nice when somebody hands you a set of tarot cards, but not everyone is that lucky unfortunately. When you find yourself developing an interest for tarot cards, then why restrain yourself from buying your own deck? Tarot cards are such a great tool for self-development and gaining clarity in your life, it would be a crime if you wouldn’t grant yourself this beautiful spiritual equipment. See it as a form of self-care, treat yo self!

Can You Ask Someone To Buy You Tarot Cards?

I mean, yes you surely can. Just as it is no problem to buy tarot cards as a gift, or to buy them for yourself, you can ask someone else to buy tarot cards for you as well. In fact, you might save them a lot of stress coming up with the perfect gift for you. They will be probably be grateful and happy to hear what your preferred gift items are, as they won’t have to worry about doing all this research about it in advance!

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