How Much Does A Tarot Reading Cost?

When it comes to wanting to get a tarot reading, it can be quite daunting to find out whether Becky-The-Nextdoor-Neighbour-Who-Keeps-Peeping-Through-Your-Windows-And-Smells-Like-A-Walking-Insence-Stick charges reasonable prices for her improvised tarot readings at the local flee market. Should you just AbOrT mIsSiOn and walk straight passed her with your blinkers on? Let’s find out what are considered reasonable prices when it comes to tarot readings.

How much does a tarot reading cost? The cost of a tarot reading can vary due to many factors such as the length of the reading, experience and reputation of the reader. A rough average estimated cost for a tarot reading would be $30,- for a 30 minute session.

There are many different possible ways tarot readers can choose to set their price structures. You can for example choose between a short (and most of the time cheaper) reading where the reader pulls a few cards for you, a full reading which would provide you with extensive insights on various life aspects, or a fixed price per single tarot card. The available possibilities are really endless. No matter what type of tarot reading you decide to go for, you should never pay for more than the actual value you are receiving. Allow me to give you some helpful tips on how to make sure you won’t be paying too much for your tarot reading.

How To Not Pay Too Much For Your Tarot Reading

Now when it comes to tarot readings, there are a lot of possibilities to choose from on the spiritual market. With tarot becoming more popular by the minute, a lot of tarot enthousiasts have decided to turn their hobby in to a career. While this is an awesome progression, you as a potential customer should make sure your tarot reader is actually the right fit for you and of who you can be sure they will provide good value for your money.

  • The best way to know whether you won’t be paying too much for your tarot reading is when you are lucky enough to have other tarot enthousiasts in your life who get a reading done regularly. Most of the time these people will be able to recommend you a tarot reader in which you can trust they will get you the value and corresponding pricing you are looking for. Word of mouth is a great way to orient yourself on the best possibilities out there for you.
  • Another good way to find out whether the reader is worth the price they are charging, is by checking our their customer reviews. Sometimes you can find testimonials of their services on their website, but you might also be able to find them when looking up their company under ‘Google Reviews’. Forums or social media pages might also be a way to find out what other people have experienced with a certain tarot reader.
  • Last but not least; a great way to find out whether you are paying the right amount for your reading is by comparing the rates with other tarot readers out there. You could check out the pricing of tarot readers in your neighbourhood when you are looking for a physical face-to-face reading. When you are choosing to do an online reading, just google the kind of reading (and length of reading) you would like to have and compare pricing on the websites. That way you will be able to find out whether the price the reader asks is reasonable.

If you are still not sure after reading the reviews and have some pending questions or doubts, don’t hesitate to contact the tarot reader at issue. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises (on both sides) it is better to ask your questions or tell them your possible doubts prior the reading than having to deal with any consequences later on. Listen to your intuition when contacting your potential tarot reader, if you feel the reader seems not right for you by the way they answer your questions or aren’t able to take away your doubts, just keep searching until you find a tarot reader that is your perfect fit.

Do You Need A License To Read Tarot Cards?

In order to become a tarot reader, you don’t have to be certified. While there are many great tarot courses out there, it is not obligated to be certified in order to become a tarot reader.

However, although it might not be obligatory, having some kind of certification when it comes to tarot can be a great way for tarot readers to show their (potential) customers that they take them seriously by making sure their tarot skills are up to date and the customers can be rest assured they will get value for their money when they decide to get a reading done by them.

There are many great (online) tarot courses out there that can learn you everything you need to know when it comes to doing tarot readings for others. There are even courses out there that will help you set up your entire tarot reading business step-by-step.

How Much Do Tarot Readers Make?

Now you might be wondering, how much do tarot readers actually make. Well of course there isn’t a one way answer for this, as it depends on many factors such as pricing, the amount of customers you’re getting, location etc.

Let’s take the example used in the answer paragraph above. When charging $30,- for a 30 minute reading, and receiving an average of 10 customers per week, this will make you $300,- per week which can be a pretty awesome (side) income for most people if you look at it from a monthly earning perspective.

Of course there are many more ways to monetize your tarot reading skills. You could throw tarot parties, where you charge a fixed price for a group of people. This way you could be earning the total amount of money which you would earn with 10 individual customers per week all at once.

Of course the $30,- per 30 minutes is just an example and a pretty reasonable average price when it comes to a tarot reading. However when you are confident your readings are really crazy accurate and helpful, and you have the reviews and happy customers to prove it, it is up to you to charge a higher rate and potentially increase your earnings dramatically.

There is no maximum price when it comes to charging for your tarot readings, but please make sure the value you’re able to provide is worth your customers hard-earned money. Make clear statements on what your customers can expect from you, in order to have the best possible match.

When you are just interested in potentially starting a tarot business but are not quite sure you are ready to actually start a real business right away, a great opportunity to try this out for you would be to offer readings for a small price at for example a local fair. Maybe charge $5,- per 15 minute session, or let people pay for the amount they think your reading was worth.

Of course you should only consider this kind of thing when you know all the basics there is to know about tarot and are confident you can give people a reading where they will eventually benefit from in a positive way. Make sure you have enough knowledge and experience laying the cards for yourself before even considering reading for other people.

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