Will Tarot Tell Your Future?

There are people that seem to think tarot is some sort of black magic or sorcery that’s able to tell your future and from which you should stay away as far as you possibly can. Well, what if I told you that these people better put down their torches and pitchforks for now as tarot has nothing to do with any black magic or sorcery but is solely a reflection of our own inner world. However, that might still leave you with an important question; does tarot hold the power to be able to tell your future? Let’s find out.

Will tarot tell your future? Tarot is not a way to predict your future in any way. It is merely a tool to get in touch with your subconscious mind which can lead you to gain clarity and ultimately help you make the right life choices.  

Ever since I’ve gotten into the world of tarot it has fascinated me immensely. Although tarot doesn’t have the ability to predict the future, it can help you to get to a point where you become aware of where you currently stand in life and make you see clearly in what way you can influence it to eventually live your ultimate life purpose.

So What Is Tarot Then?

Instead of some sort of dangerous form of black magic, tarot is actually a very practical and helpful fun tool to find your own personal inner strength. Through pulling the cards and learning the valuable lessons they’re trying to teach you, tarot is able to provide you with the hope and motivation you need to keep aiming for your highest goals.

Tarot is a card game which consists of a total of 78 cards with all different names and illustrations on them. The first 22 cards are called the ‘Major Arcana’ which represent the big life elements and can also be seen as the power cards. The other 56 cards are called the ‘Minor Arcana’ and can be separated in four groups of 14 cards: wands, cups, swords and pentacles. The Minor Arcana can be seen as the supportive cards for the Major Arcana and reveal details of circumstances and further constructive insights.

Tarot in general can be seen as an important instrument to help you gain insight and clarity on your life path, sort of like your own personal spiritual compass.

Is There No Magic Involved In Tarot At All?

Although tarot is not the kind of fairytale magic some people make it out to be, there is something to be said for the magical element tarot provides. I think most of us can agree life in general is what you could call a mystery or some sort of magic to say the least, so why would tarot be any different? Just like with certain situations taking place in your life, where for example seeing a white feather in front of your feet multiple times a day may sometimes seem a bit too serendipitous for it just to be a coincident, there is also a reason why you pull certain tarot cards out of your deck at a particular moment in time.

As with more aspects in life, I myself am convinced there is an energetic aspect involved when it comes to tarot reading. Intuition is widely known to be a real thing, so it may not be such a coincident after all when you’re pulling a certain card multiple times in a row which might exactly be applicable to a difficult life situation you’re struggling with at the moment. Call it whatever you want, magic, energy or the mystery of life but there certainly are powerful forces within you which reflect in your tarot reading outcome and can help you become aware in a positive way to eventually reach your highest potential.

How Far Into The Future Can Tarot Predict?

Now that you know tarot does not have the ability to simply predict your future through some sort of crystal ball, it can however be a great beneficial tool for getting in touch with your higher self.

Because tarot is a reflection of you as a person, and you are ever changing as well, so are your tarot readings. So it is safe to say tarot readings are generally not meant for accurate ‘predictions’ in the far future, it is more likely to help you tackle current issues and how to move forward from there. When you keep on doing readings on a regular basis, your ‘predictions’ will automatically change as well as they take the shape and form of who you are as a person at that moment in time.

By letting the meaning of the tarot cards speak to our subconscious minds, the cards are able to get in contact with our intuition and give us the answers that were already inside of us but maybe we weren’t so much aware of yet. If you look at it that way, you are in a way your own fortune teller. The cards are just a tool to make it all clear to you. When you are able to connect to your higher self you will find your true life purpose and thus your best probable expected future.

How Long Does It Take For A Tarot Reading To Come True?

If you want to know how long it takes for a tarot reading to come true, then you should know that this all depends on how well you are able to be open minded towards the information and knowledge reaching you through the tarot cards. As the cards are a just a mere reflection of your thoughts and feelings, the sooner you listen to the lessons you need to learn, the sooner it will be before your tarot reading will come true. If you refuse to listen to what the cards have to tell you or have some kind of mental blockage towards them, you might just have to keep learning the lessons until the teaching has been done in order for your tarot reading to come true.

Keep Practicing!

Especially when you’re just starting out using tarot cards, it can be quite overwhelming to find out all of the different meanings and interpretations of the cards, let alone remember them. But as for most difficult things in life, practice does make perfect! So before you start asking all sorts of questions and pulling cards like some kind of crazy person (yes, I’m referring to my younger self here), I would like to advice you to try and learn as much as you can about each card. That way you will be able to have a much smoother and fulfilling reading as you will also be able to see in what way the cards ‘communicate’ with each other. When you look at the cards you pulled as a whole, they can have a totally different meaning than when you’re just viewing them individually.

A great tool that has helped me learn the meanings and interpretations of the cards much faster is keeping track of them in a so called ‘tarot journal’. By using a tarot journal, slowly but surely the cards and their meanings started making more sense to me. Another handy way to make use of a tarot journal is by writing down specific questions you like to use throughout your reading, so when you decide to do another reading later on you can just pop open you journal and start asking the questions from a former session.

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