Can Tarot Readings Change?

Ever since I’ve been practicing tarot, I noticed that a lot of times the outcome of my readings were absolutely spot on at first but its meaning seemed to change a bit as time went by.

This made me wonder whether tarot readings can change.

I decided to do some research on this matter and this is what I’ve found out!

Can Tarot Readings Change? Tarot readings can change. Humans have been given the power of free will, therefore tarot can only serve as a guiding tool. A tarot reading is done at a specific moment in time and will consequently be very likely to have a different outcome in the future.

Now that you know tarot reading outcomes are not fixed and almost certainly will have a different outcome when done at another moment in time, let’s now take a look at how far into the future tarot can predict and whether it is possible to redo a tarot reading.

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How Far Into The Future Can Tarot Predict?

As a tarot reading is solely a ‘snapshot’ of a specific moment in time, it should not be seen as a tool for future prediction. Tarot serves merely as a spiritual guiding tool towards the right direction, but does not have the ability to provide you with clear predictions of the future.

Can You Redo A Tarot Reading?

You can most definitely redo a tarot reading, however it is strongly advised to ask yourself what is the actual reason behind you wanting to redo your reading. Most of the times, the tarot reading is on point but just sadly doesn’t portray the message you’d love to hear right now.

You have to really stop and ask yourself what is the reason you’d like to redo your tarot reading; is it because you are disappointed with the specific outcome of the tarot reading and would like to see whether it would possibly change by redoing the reading?

If this is the case, then unfortunately your expectations of your tarot reading are not in place.

When doing a tarot reading, it is very important to remember to be open minded to any messages the tarot wants to send you, whether negative or positive.

Have faith that any message that is send to you will be in your best interest and has great opportunity for personal growth.

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Tarot readings are a tool to guide you on your life journey.

When you take a closer and clear look at the cards and their possible interpretations, most of the time you will see they aren’t as black and white as you first made them out to be based on the symbols or names on the cards.

There is always a lesson for you to learn, even though it might not be the lesson you would like to hear.

Now of course there are times it is perfectly fine to redo a tarot reading.

A good reason for this would be when you highly feel the outcome of the reading is not right due to having felt over-emotional on the day of the reading or not having been in the right mindset when you decided to have the reading done.

In that case it might actually be better to wait a day or two until you feel emotionally grounded again and have the reading redone.

Most of the time you will find the redone reading actually resonating with you more, regardless of the outcome being positive or negative.

When having had a reading done on a certain question or situation, it is recommended to take the advice of the outcome of your reading and try to work on it in a positive way as much as you can.

Then, at a later moment in time, when you feel confident you have really worked on yourself and the possible solution the cards advised you to, you can decide to redo the reading and ask the same question during your tarot reading a couple of months later.

Because you will have worked on certain issues or problems which came up in the past, you will probably find the tarot cards giving you a different outcome a few months later on the same question or issue.

Should You Believe Your Tarot Reading?

No matter how much you believe in tarot cards, make sure to not believe everything about your tarot reading outcome blindly.

As a tarot reading is just a snapshot of a specific moment in time, don’t see it as a way to predict your future. Tarot should be seen and used as a helpful fun tool to guide you through life.

Whether the outcome of your tarot reading is positive or negative, you shouldn’t be scared that the ‘end is near’ or that all good things will come to you without you having to work for it at all.

Tarot is just a way of showing you the possibilities that might be happening in the future, based on your current life situation.

However, as change is the only thing that’s constant in life, these possibilities for the future will keep changing as you change as a person yourself.

So whenever you pull the ‘death card’ for example, please don’t see it as a sure sign your days have been counted, instead find out the real meaning and interpretations behind the card.

You will see it is just a way of giving you suggestions on how to change things in a certain situation in your life for the better.

See the outcome of your tarot readings as opportunities, not some sort of fixed prediction of your future.

The ‘Death Card’ for example represents transformation and possibly endings of situations or relationships that don’t serve your life anymore.

It doesn’t have to be as negative as you might perceive the card to be at first glance.

As you have been given the power of free will, you will always be the one who stays in ultimate charge of your life, no matter the outcome of your tarot reading.

Even though it might seem tempting and easier to transfer all your responsibilities and life choices onto someone or something else, it is not a smart move at all and actually can be quite dangerous.

If you feel like the outcome of a tarot reading doesn’t resonate with you, then you do not have to take it seriously in any way.

When a specific message is meant for you, you will know it.

You feel it in your body when really allowing your intuition and instincts to guide the way for you.

Don’t believe anything that doesn’t feel authentic to you as a person. After all it is you that knows yourself best, not someone else, let alone some paper cards.

So in no way are you obliged to believe your tarot reading, it is entirely up to you in what way you let a tarot reading influence the life choices you make.

Try to see tarot as a form of entertainment that at the same time can be used as a helpful self-development tool when used correctly.

As long as you keep the right mindset towards tarot, you will be fine.

Stay true to yourself no matter what!

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