Six Of Cups: Yes Or No? (Upright, Reversed & Love Meaning)

The Six of Cups is the ultimate tarot card to represent a strong sense of nostalgia and memories. 

When it comes to deciphering whether the Six of Cups means ‘yes’ or ‘no’ as an answer to your question, there’s an in-depth and interesting explanation to be given. 

As I’ve wondered the same thing myself when I just started learning about tarot, I’ve decided to create this article and provide you with a clear ‘yes or no’ answer for the Six of Cups in both the upright and reversed position, as well as its clearcut answer when it comes to love.   

Let’s dive in right away!

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Six Of Cups: Yes Or No?  

The Six of Cups means ‘yes’. It is an overall positive tarot card that mainly represents nostalgia, memories and a sense of comfort. When the Six of Cups shows up during a tarot reading it encourages you to let go of whatever is holding you back and follow the passions you’ve had all along. 

If you’ve been questioning whether to move forwards in a specific situation, the Six of Cups represents a positive answer.

It can be taken as a sign that it is time to engage in new opportunities while at the same time always making sure to remember where you came from.

The Six of Cups signifies thoughts about childhood and all the memories you’ve collected over the years.

You may experience a feeling of nostalgia or even a longing to go back to the past as it all seemed easier and comfortable back then.

However, the Six of Cups also represents the importance of cherishing those lovely memories while at the same time looking forward with great excitement for everything that is yet to come! 

six of cups tarot card from the Light Seers tarot deck
The 6 of Cups tarot card from the captivating Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

This tarot card encourages to truly appreciate all the good memories and experiences you’ve collected over the years and take them into the present moment to help you elevate your life towards your deepest desires. 

Looking back at the past from time to time can provide you with great insights and inspiration with regards to who you truly are and help you remember your unique talents.

When the 6 of Cups in upright position appears during a tarot reading it can also represent meeting up with someone significant from your past.

This can either be an old friend, colleague or family member who you’ve lost touch with over the years.

If you’ve been thinking about getting back in touch with a specific person from the past, the Six of Cups is encouraging to do so as long as you intuitively feel it is what is best for you. 

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Six Of Cups Reversed: Yes Or No?

The Six of Cups in reversed means ‘no’. It represents feeling stuck in the past and not able to decide where to go next. The Six of Cups in reversed indicates finding it difficult to jump into the unknown which often results in holding on to past experiences that feel comfortable and safe. 

The Six of Cups in reverse indicates that a strong sense of nostalgia has gotten the upper-hand.

This longing for experiencing a (specific) part of the past again can ultimately lead to feeling stuck and not truly living in the present moment to seize the beautiful opportunities laying in front of you waiting to be discovered. 

When the 6 of Cups in reversed position enters your tarot reading it can be taken as a clear sign to take a moment to pause and reflect on the past and find positive things and aspects you’d like to take with you into your future.

Clinging on to the past for too long is not recommended, but being able to look back and appreciate the positive experiences that have helped you turn into the person you’ve become today can be very useful and insightful.

Focus on the positive and create your own pathway towards success with all your unique experiences, characteristics and talents.

Learn to trust and appreciate your individuality and have faith that you can achieve whatever it is you set your mind to.

When you feel the need to take a break and relax, please allow yourself to do so.

However, try to be alert on not getting stuck reminiscing about the past and do encourage yourself to move forward towards your ultimate dreams and desires.

Taking a small step everyday will get you further than you can imagine.

Six Of Cups And Love: Yes Or No?

When it comes to love, the Six of Cups means a clear ‘yes’. It often represents feeling thankful when looking back and reflecting on a partner from the past. It can also indicate feeling very connected with your current partner up until the point where it feels you’ve known them forever.  

The Six of Cups signifies strong connections.

It can come up during a tarot reading when you’re about to reconnect with someone from your past who you’ve shared a deep bond with but have lost touch with due to (unforeseen) circumstances. 

Sometimes these meetups can occur in dreams as well.

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When you’re in a relationship, the Six of Cups means you feel like you and your partner were meant to be together.

You very likely understand each-other on a deeper and spiritual level.

Even though every relationship has its challenges, the Six of Cups indicates that your ability to truly appreciate each-other through good and challenging times allows you to build a solid base together on which a beautiful future can be created.  

In Conclusion

The Six of Cups in upright position means ‘yes’ as an answer to your question.

It is a positive tarot card that signifies lovely memories and feelings of nostalgia.

It encourages you to focus on the passions and dreams you’ve had since childhood that may have unconsciously been forgotten about a bit along the way.

The Six of Cups in reversed position means ‘no’.

It indicates not being able to let go of the past and finding it difficult to take a step into an unfamiliar direction. It is time to learn how to live in the present moment. 

When it comes to the Six of Cups with regards to love and relationships, this tarot card means a clearcut ‘yes’.

It represents looking back with positive thoughts on a relationship from the past, but can also mean that you feel very deeply connected with your current partner up until the point where you feel like you have known them ever since you can remember.  

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