The Queen Of Cups And King Of Pentacles Combination: Upright & Reversed

The Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles as a tarot card combination can give you some surprising insights during your tarot reading. 

As both cards have a significantly different meaning, explaining this tarot card combination can feel like quite a challenge. No worries though, because in this article you will find out the exact meaning of this interesting tarot card combination in both the upright and reversed position!

queen of cups and king of pentacles
The Queen of Cups & King of Pentacles card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Queen Of Cups And King Of Pentacles Meaning

The Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles combination generally represents deep emotions and feelings, while at the same time trying to keep them in check and not allowing them to interfere with important goals. It indicates someone wants to stay realistic and not get carried away. 

The Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles as a couple indicates you (or the person you’ve asked your question about) have a clear vision of where you eventually want to be and feel a strong sense of discipline to reach your desired destination. 

At the same time, these two cards combined represent a highly sensitive individual who can be influenced by emotions quite easily. In order to stay on track with regards to your goals and plans, it is important to try to create a sense of calm which can successfully be done by implementing a meditation into your daily routine or taking a refreshing walk in nature. These activities can be greatly beneficial in order to help keep things balanced.

In-Depth explanation of the Queen of Cups tarot card, video by The Simple Tarot 

Queen Of Cups And King Of Pentacles Reversed Meaning 

When pulled in reversed position, the Queen of Cups and King of Pentacles combination represents the inability to let emotions out of a (business) situation. It indicates feeling easily triggered when things don’t work out as planned which often leads to acting oversensitive. 

When this reversed tarot combination pops up during your tarot reading, it can be taken as a form of encouragement to work on your self-confidence in a loving manner. It’s a very powerful quality to not feel immediately emotionally overwhelmed whenever something or someone doesn’t meet your expectations. Knowing your worth will let you feel more in charge of a situation.

In-Depth explanation of the King of Pentacles tarot card, video by The Simple Tarot

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