What Color Represents Freedom?

Freedom can be symbolized in many different ways. When it comes to colors, there is a specific color that is known to represent freedom the most. I became interested in finding out what exact color is linked to freedom so I decided to do some research on it. This is what I’ve found!

What Color Represents Freedom?

Blue is the color that is generally used to represent freedom. It’s the ultimate color to symbolize the sky and the sea, which are both widely known for being directly connected to experiencing a sense of freedom. Furthermore, the color blue is associated with both persistence and justice. 

what color represents freedom?

Blue As The Color Of Freedom

Blue is the color that represents the word ‘freedom’ the most. It’s a color that is known to symbolize a sense of trust, peace and faith. It’s a truly calming color that has the ability to let the mind wind down and come back to a place of silent tranquility. 

Blue is mostly associated with the sky. It serves as a great reminder that even though it may get rainy and cloudy at times, there are always bright blue skies hiding underneath the cover. Many people can relate to the feeling of pure freedom while they’re on a plane that’s just bursted through the clouds, uncovering the beautiful bright blue sky. 

what color represents freedom?

Blue is also very much associated with the sea and water in general. This also explains why a lot of people like to visit the ocean in order to experience calmness and a sense of liberation of whatever it is that has been bothering them. It provides inspiration and motivation and offers depth and comfort, which in turn will inevitably lead to experiencing a sense of freedom.

The color blue is also connected to strength and security. It has the ability to provide feelings of discipline and perseverance which are absolutely necessary qualities when you’re planning on reaching that specific goal you had in mind.

When it comes to the different shades of blue, light blue is mainly associated with relaxation, silence and tenderness. Darker blue indicates more seriousness, intelligence and stability.

The color blue represents choosing your own path in life. It’s a symbol of independence and uniqueness. Blue shows you’re in control and can handle whatever obstacles life will throw your way. You will keep on standing strong, solid like a rock. 

It’s the color to represent entrepreneurship. Many people start a business, not for the money (even though it is definitely a nice side effect), but mainly for the freedom it can provide. They are tired of working on someone else’s dreams and decide to start chase their own instead.

Blue also shows a sense of confidence and self-worth. It’s a true representation of respect for yourself and shows you are wise enough to understand that you need to put your own needs first, before being able to assist others. It’s a really intelligent and honest color.

Besides, blue also represents a communicative person who can speak up for themselves and others who may find it difficult to do so. It stands for a loyal individual who will persevere, even when difficulties occur. They will not stop until justice has been served. For both themselves and the people around them.

It’s the true color of idealism and a symbolization of aspiring to reach your greatest goals and desires.

Ways To Add More Blue To Your Life

Colors can be very beneficial when it comes to wanting to attract more specific feelings in your life. If you are looking for a stronger sense of freedom, it can be a great idea to add more blue to your life in order to manifest these types of feelings more easily. 

A few ideas which might inspire you to integrate more blue (and ultimately experiencing more freedom) into your life are:

Paint A Wall

Painting one of your walls in a mesmerizing shade of blue color can be a fast and easy way to allow more feelings of freedom to enter your life. Every time you see your bright blue painted wall your brain will make an instant connection with all the feelings that are most associated with the color blue.

Add Home Accessories

If you’re not ready (yet) to paint a wall into a bright blue color, you can always spice things up with some blue accessories to get used to the color. There are so many possibilities to choose from in order to create the right ambiance: a nice blue themed painting, blue candles, cushions, bed sheets, a comfy blue rug or maybe even a change of tableware. Whatever suits your fancy!

Visit The Ocean

Visiting the ocean is a great way to ‘add more blue’ to your life and can help you achieve experiencing an increased sense of freedom. The ocean can truly help to calm down the mind while you’re staring into the horizon. You’ll definitely feel more calm and free after a few hours by the ocean. 

what color represents freedom?


Another awesome and effective way to add more blue to your life is by simply gifting yourself some beautiful blue flowers now and then. Even though blue flowers might not be your most obvious choice, there are actually quite a few amazing options to choose from. Delphiniums being one of them!

Mix Up Your Wardrobe

Last but not least, adding a bit more blue to your wardrobe can contribute immensely when it comes to wanting to experience a sense of freedom on a regular basis. Not only could you try wearing a bit more blue clothes, you could also choose to add some unique blue jewellery items to your collection.

In Conclusion

Blue is known as the color that represents freedom. It is mostly associated with sky, sea, persistence and justice. These are important elements necessary to ultimately experience a sense of freedom.

Blue is also the color to most represent entrepreneurship. It is associated with strength and independence. It symbolizes being able to handle whatever difficulties are being thrown at you. As an entrepreneurs’ main focus is freedom, blue is the most perfect fitting color.

By integrating more blue into your life you can easily enhance your sense of freedom. This could be done in many different ways. Whether it’s by painting a wall in a nice blue color or visiting the ocean more often, adding more blue to your life will inevitably lead to experiencing a deeper sense of freedom and liberty. 

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