How To Cleanse Citrine: 5 Effective Methods Explained

Cleansing your crystals regularly is a great way to clear them from any recorded negative energies and ‘reset’ your stones to be able to keep providing you with the unique benefits crystals have to offer.   

When it comes to Citrine crystals in specific, there are several effective ways to cleanse it. Without further ado, let’s find out what methods you can use to cleanse your beautiful Citrine stones, points or clusters right away!

Citrine crystal can be cleansed by either using water, sage, salt, incense or selenite. Even though Citrine is known as a stone that has self-cleansing abilities, manually cleansing it from time-to-time surely won’t hurt and will ultimately improve your connection with the Citrine as well.

Citrine crystals

Now that you know the best ways to cleanse your Citrine, let’s take a closer look at each individual method so you can easier choose which cleansing technique suits you best.

How To Cleanse Citrine With Water

In order to cleanse Citrine with water, start by filling a bowl with water and mindfully place your Citrine crystal in the center of the bowl. Let the Citrine rest in the water for about 12 hours, collect it and let it dry naturally in the sun for a short amount of time or pet dry by hand. 

Water is a great natural element to cleanse Citrine as this type of crystal is perfectly resistant to liquids. As Citrine scores a solid 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, it won’t show any sign of damage after having been in contact with water for a generous amount of time.

Do however make sure to let your Citrine crystal dry completely after having cleansed it with water. If you choose to let the Citrine dry naturally in the sun, make sure to quickly collect the crystal as soon as it’s dried up as Citrine can start to discolor when being exposed to sunlight for too long!

If you don’t have the time to let your Citrine rest in a bowl of water for hours of time, simply holding it under running water for a minute or two will also quickly cleanse the crystal. When choosing the last option, make sure to cleanse your Citrine on a more regular basis than normal as the cleansing effect can wear of rather fast this way. 

How To Cleanse Citrine With Sage

Cleansing Citrine with sage can be done by taking an abalone shell or metal bowl, lighting up the end of a sage stick until it starts smoking and place the sage in the shell or bowl. Then start to gently wave the Citrine through the sage smoke while focusing on sending it positive thoughts. 

Sage is amongst one of the most traditional cleansing tools that’s existed over time. In different types of cultures, it’s often used for various types of spiritual cleansing practices and therefore also great for using on crystals such as Citrine. It helps to cleanse the crystal from any negative energies it may have held onto and purify it to help you benefit from the crystal’s unique properties time and time again. 

How To Cleanse Citrine With Salt

Cleansing Citrine with salt can best be done by using dry salt. Put the Citrine in a bowl of salt for a maximum of one hour and make sure to rinse off the Citrine afterwards by using regular tap water in order to remove any remaining salt grains. Lastly, let the Citrine air dry.  

It is best advised to solely use dry salt when choosing for this type of cleansing practice, as mixing salt with water could eventually damage the crystal when being exposed to the combination for too long. Just rinsing it off after the cleansing process is fine though!

How To Cleanse Citrine With Incense 

Cleansing Citrine with incense is a very effective cleansing method and can be done by lighting up the end of an incense stick, let it burn for a few seconds then blow it out so incense smoke will start to form. Place it in an incense holder and slowly move the Citrine crystal through the smoke.

In order to intensify the cleansing process, focusing on sending the Citrine crystal positive intentions while guiding it through the incense smoke can help to clear the crystal even faster and more effectively. 

How To Cleanse Citrine With Selenite

Selenite is the ultimate crystal to help cleanse other crystals such as Citrine. In order to cleanse Citrine using Selenite; lay out a piece of Selenite (stick) or use a Selenite bowl, let the Citrine come in direct contact with the Selenite and allow it to rest and cleanse for a few hours.  

As Selenite and Citrine are both known to possess self-cleansing abilities, combining the two naturally makes for a very powerful cleansing combination.

How To Cleanse Citrine Jewelry (Bracelet, Necklace, Ring)

The best way to cleanse Citrine jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces or rings is by either practicing smudging techniques (by using sage, incense or palo santo), or by using another crystal such as Selenite. Both are easy and effective jewelry cleansing methods.   

Cleansing your Citrine jewelry on a regular basis is a great way to neutralize any energies it may have caught on to over time. Besides the practical benefits, cleansing your crystal jewelry is also recommended as it will help personally connect and bond with your Citrine jewelry piece. 

Using smudging to cleanse your Citrine jewelry can be done by either using sage, incense or palo santo. The smoke helps to purify the crystal and gives it a great boost of energy. 

In Conclusion 

So, to sum up, there are 5 very effective methods which can be used to cleanse Citrine: water, sage, salt, incense and Selenite. It doesn’t matter which cleansing method you decide to choose, as long as you feel intuitively connected with the specific cleansing technique. 

Cleansing your crystal is not only effective for practical purposes, but can also help to form a stronger bond with your Citrine. Focusing on sending the Citrine positive intentions while practicing any type of cleansing method will intensify its unique properties. 

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