Page Of Wands As Feelings: What They Won’t Tell You

The Page of Wands tarot card generally radiates an optimistic, adventurous and youthful energy.

When it comes to wanting to find out how someone feels towards you, this card has an interesting interpretation to it. 

That’s why in this article we’ll cover the meaning of the Page of Wands with regards to feelings thoroughly.

Not only will you find out what it means to pull this card during your tarot reading in the upright position, we’ll also dive into its reversed meaning as well as some important tarot card combinations!

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Page Of Wands As Feelings 

When it comes to feelings, the Page of Wands mainly represents someone who is feeling excited, energetic and brave. This person loves to be in your presence but doesn’t quite know how to express their feelings the right way due to the fact that they are likely quite unexperienced. 

The Page of Wands card in the upright position implies that whatever is going on between the two of you feels like a whole new world to them.

This person likely never experienced this deep of a connection before which can make them feel a bit unsure at times when it comes to how to move forward.

page of wands as feelings
The Page of Wands tarot card from the beautiful Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

However, as the Page of Wands is also known for its bravery and creativity, he or she will ultimately definitely find a way.

Their excitement is just too strong to let this special bond slide.

They may first need to cross some bridges when it comes to building up their confidence, but they are getting there without a doubt. 

The Page of Wands indicates your person feels you are a fun person to be around and someone who fits in their world perfectly and effortlessly.

On top of that, they also find you extremely attractive. They feel you’ve got a special quality they haven’t come across before. 

The Page of Wands tarot card explained, video by The Simple Tarot

Page Of Wands Reversed As Feelings

The Page of Wands in reversed position represents someone who is feeling very self-conscious and drained in their energy level. Some unexpected setbacks have likely made them question where to go next and and left them feeling a bit lost. They find it difficult to come up with new ideas. 

When this card shows up during your tarot reading it is a sign of encouragement to turn inwards and listen to what your heart and intuition are telling you. 

The Page of Wands reversed indicates that having jumped in too quickly when it comes to a certain decision or project is now making this person feel like they’ve made the wrong choice.

It is important to remember changes can always be made at any moment in time though. 

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Page Of Wands And 10 Of Swords As Feelings

The Page of Wands and 10 of Swords tarot card combination represent feelings of confusion and misjudgement. It is likely that in their enthusiasm and credulity, they’ve misread a certain person or situation which left them feeling betrayed at this moment. 

To encounter this combination of cards during your tarot reading indicates something should have been given a bit of extra thought before jumping straight into a certain situation. 

Even though experiencing these kind of emotions isn’t the best feeling in the world, at the same time, some valuable lessons are offered to be learned here.

A person who represents the Page of Wands can come off as a bit too innocent at times which can lead to being taken advantage of.

This tarot card combination encourages you to take a step back next time an important decision is to be made and wait a few moments before deciding whether to go ahead with it or not. 

Page Of Wands And Knight Of Cups As Feelings

As a tarot card combination, the Page of Wands and Knight of Cups represent someone who is feeling really creative, determent and pleasing in the best sense of the term. They feel like they want to become their best possible version for you and have a clear vision of what this would look like. 

When you’ve asked your tarot cards a question with regards to how someone feels about you and this tarot card combination came out, it is a clear sign that your person feels very positive and loving towards you. 

They love your personality and feel a strong sense of connection.

Not only do they want to have spontaneous experiences with you, they’re also thinking about your possible future together as they feel you’re a really great match. 

Page Of Wands And The World As Feelings

The Page of Wands and the World tarot card as feelings represent a sense of deep connection, home and harmony. This person truly feels like they’ve found someone who completely complements them and who they can be their most authentic self with. It brings them a deep sense of fulfilment. 

This person feels at ease due to the fact that they don’t have to put up a front around you.

They feel relieved that they can show their real and deepest emotions around you, without feeling a fear of judgement. 

Even though this person may at first come off as someone who likes to solely play around and have a good time, with you; they feel like opening up about the deeper thoughts inside their mind. 

The World tarot card from the Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

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In Conclusion

When it comes to feelings, the Page of Wands generally represents feelings of bravery, energy and excitement.

The Page of Wands is someone with a youthful character who feels easily enthusiastic.

When they start to like someone, they may however get a bit intimidated with regards to how to handle the situation properly due to feeling inexperienced in this field. 

When pulled in reversed position, the Page of Wands indicates someone is feeling drained, self-conscious and let down.

They feel like someone has taken advantage of their credulity.

However, in this situation hides an important lesson to be learned for the person who represents the Page of Wands.

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