Justice And Magician Combination: Upright And Reversed Meaning

Justice and the Magician card are quite a captivating duo to encounter during your tarot card reading. As it can be quite difficult to know how to interpret the meaning of this tarot card combination, we’ve created this article to guide you through discovering how to translate these cards to your current situation.

Whether you’ve pulled these cards in the upright or reversed position, below you’ll find the exact meaning of the Justice & Magician card together!

justice and the magician combination
Justice & The Magician card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Justice And Magician: Upright Meaning

Justice and the Magician as a tarot card combination indicates you’ll reach success in your professional life. Something you’ve been manifesting will reach you in the physical world. You may be offered a contract in the near future which will provide you with a strong sense of security. 

In-Depth explanation of Justice, video by Contemporary Tarot

Justice And Magician: Reversed Meaning

When pulled in reverse, Justice and the Magician tarot card indicate someone might be trying to set you up. This could be someone close to you who is pretending to have your best interest in mind. Listen to your intuition and give yourself permission to act accordingly and not feel guilty for it. 

In-Depth explanation of the Magician, video by Contemporary Tarot

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