Is Rain A Sign Of Good Luck?

Even though rain is often mainly associated with melancholic feelings and nostalgia, it doesn’t deserve to solely be linked to these types of words. As rain can be a quite calming and sometimes even magical experience as well, it led me to wonder whether rain could also be considered a sign of good luck. I did a bit of research on this subject and this is what I’ve discovered. 

Is Rain A Sign Of Good Luck?

Rain is considered a sign of good luck. As rain symbolizes positive things such as change, renewal and life in general, it can be taken as a sign that good things are about to come your way. Rain is the symbolic announcement of a new beginning within a specific area of your life. 

is rain a sign of good luck?

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of rain, it mainly symbolizes rebirth and a general sense of renewal.

It is an omen for good luck, often with regards to an important change or decision you’re about to make. 

Water, and thus rain, is what makes the world go round. It is essential for life to be able to exist and grow.

It is the source of fertility. Rain is necessary in order to maintain the balance of the earth. 

Rain has the ability to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate. It’s the true embodiment of abundance.

With the help of rain you will be able to make a fresh start, which will in turn give you a spark of good luck.

It represents a new beginning and a symbol of time in general. 

Rain contains the energy which we need to recharge ourselves. It can help us feel brand new and give us the confidence and strength to start off a new day and focus on reaching our deepest goals and desires.

Rain can also have a very soothing effect on the mind and body which ultimately helps to increase your chances of being able to experience a sense of good luck.

Feeling good in your own skin will naturally help attract positive things into your life and form a magnetic force towards attracting ever-flowing abundance and joy.

The video below is a great example of how rain can help to attract the things you want in life through the law of attraction.

Is Rain Good Luck On Moving Day?

Even though rain on moving day can be quite challenging as you’d understandably want to keep all your belongings nice and dry, it is actually considered a sign of good luck. As rain is known to symbolize new beginnings, try to truly see it as a positive omen with regards to your new life. 

In many cultures rain is seen as a blessing and a confirmation of things heading in the right direction. 

When rain is expected on the day you are planning to move, well let’s face it, there’s really nothing you can do about it anyway.

You may as well appreciate the fact that rain is generally considered good luck and make the best of it.

Take the necessary precautionary measures and your moving day should go just fine!

Is Rain Good Luck On Your Wedding Day? 

In general, rain on your wedding day can be taken as a sign of good luck. Even though most people (understandably) wish for a bright sunny wedding day, rain represents fertility, new beginnings and cleansing of the old. Rain on your wedding day can definitely be seen as a blessing in disguise. 

When it comes to rain and new beginnings, a wedding day is the ultimate happening in which it is a very positive sign for the rain to start pouring down.

In many cultures around the world, rain is interpreted as a positive omen and is actually welcomed and celebrated. It is often being interpreted as a natural cleansing process of your lives before and after the wedding.

Rain on your wedding day is believed to wash away all negative experiences of the past and start off together on a new fresh adventure.

It brushes away the old and makes place for the exciting new times to enter your life. 

Rain on your wedding day can also symbolize tears that are being shed as a way of saying goodbye to your old life and allowing the new to come in. 

Lastly, rain on your wedding day can be taken as a positive omen towards fertility as water is the base of life. 

When you can make the best of a rainy wedding day together as a couple, this will form a strong and solid foundation for the rest of your lives together.

It shows you can make it work together no matter the surrounding conditions. As long as you are together, you will always be able to see things in a positive light. 

If you would like some tips on how to deal with rain on your wedding day and how to best prepare for it, I recommend watching the helpful video by Erin Smith below.

Is Rain Good Luck On Your Birthday?

Rain on your birthday can be interpreted as a sign of good luck. When it rains on your birthday it means that all negative memories of the past year are being washed away and make room for new more positive ones. The rain helps you cleanse your experiences and start again with a new clear plate. 

Whether you’ve had a challenging or a rather good year, it is always good to start off your brand new year on a clean slate

Embrace the rain on your birthday and try to truly enjoy it. Don’t try to escape from it but really engage with it.

If you want to feel even more connected, go outside and stand in the rain for a little while.

You will definitely feel more energized and refreshed and ready to take your new year and make it a great personal success.

Is Rain Good Luck On A First Date?

When you are on your first date and it starts to rain, it can be taken as a sign of good luck. Rain can create quite a romantic atmosphere as it inevitably helps you to get closer towards each other, both in the emotional and physical sense. Rain can help form an instant bond. 

With rain pouring down on your first date, you will most likely be sharing an umbrella which will automatically help you feel closer to each other.

It can also show a sense of caring for the other person right from the start, which will likely give off a very positive impression towards your date. 

is rain good luck on a first date?

Rain can actually be taken as a great opportunity to make the best of your date. It enables you to show your date you can have fun together, no matter the weather. 

Being able to adjust yourself to the surrounding conditions is known to be a very important quality in a partner and often found a very attractive trait.

In Conclusion

Rain is generally considered a sign of good luck. As rain mainly symbolizes change, renewal, fertility and life in general, it is interpreted as very positive omen in many cultures around the world.

Rain has a soothing effect on the body and soul which in turn can help attract more good luck into your life.

By focussing on the positive and by using the law of attraction, rain can offer a great sense of emotional support towards reaching your desired goals.

As rain often symbolizes new beginnings, rain on your moving day can be taken as a sign of good luck as well.

The same goes for rain on your wedding day, on your birthday or on a first date.

Rain always symbolizes the chance to start off on a clean slate and the ability to adjust to new, sometimes challenging, situations.

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