What’s The Spiritual Meaning Of A Blue Jay Feather?

Blue Jays are beautiful birds. Stumbling across one of their mesmerizing feathers can truly feel like a magical experience. Knowing this, it only makes sense that finding a Blue Jays feather makes you wonder about the spiritual meaning behind them. So, without further ado, let’s find out all about its meaning right away!

The spiritual meaning of a Blue Jays feather mainly symbolizes intelligence, perseverance, curiosity and energy. When a Blue Jays feather crosses your path, you can be sure that you will soon be blessed with the courage and motivation to successfully aim for your highest goals. 

Blue Jay Feather Spiritual Meaning

Now that you know finding the feather of a Blue Jay is a very positive and optimistic sign, let’s dive a bit deeper and find out more about this interesting feather and how you can personally benefit from it. 

The Spiritual Meaning Of A Blue Jay Feather

When it comes to their spiritual meaning, Blue Jay feathers are a sign of hope and energy. They represent positivity and bright thoughts and ideas. When the feather of a Blue Jay crosses your path, you can expect good things happening in your life very soon. The most important spiritual characteristics of a Blue Jays feather are:

  • Intelligence
  • Curiosity
  • Perseverance
  • Energy
  • Light
  • Focus
  • Faithfull
  • Vibrant
  • Protection
  • Healing

As Blue Jays are known for their intelligent nature, their feathers are very likely to present itself to you as a form of encouragement to pursue your own hopes and dreams backed up with a strategic plan.

Don’t feel like your dreams are impossible to achieve, because you’ve truly got all the skills and knowledge it takes to reach your ultimate goals and desires.

A Blue Jays feather shows up as a sign of clarity and confirmation that the time has come to believe in yourself and totally crush your most important goals, you are worth it!

Besides intelligence, Blue Jays are also known for their perseverance and determination. They have a drive for success and won’t stop until they reach their goal.

They will always protect their family at any cost. Don’t let feelings of fear or doubt stop you, be courageous and have faith in the fact that you will be able to make a huge difference for yourself and others. 

Blue Jay Feather Spiritual Meaning

Besides being a true go-getter, Blue Jays are also known for their faithfulness in relationships.

When you spot the feather of a Blue Jay, this could very well symbolize the importance of relationships in your life.

Take a close and honest look at the people around you and see whether you should invest more in the quality of your bond. 

Make sure to take the steps necessary in order to keep your loved ones close and emphasise the importance of your connection.

Lastly, finding a Blue Jays feather symbolizes the importance of self-care. As Blue Jays are known for representing healing, their feather may pop up as a way of telling you to take good care of yourself.

Try to focus on yourself first before taking care of others, even though this might feel counterintuitive at first.

Your loved ones will eventually thank you for it, as they love you and want what is best for you as well. 

What Does It Mean When You Find A Blue Jay Feather?

Finding a Blue Jay feather means you are encouraged to follow your highest dreams and desires. A Blue Jay feather can be taken as a sign of confirmation that you are being protected along the way and that you shouldn’t feel insecure about yourself in any way, you’ve got what it takes.

A Blue Jays feather is a beautiful physical symbol of encouragement to cross your path. It’s the ultimate confirmation of the Universe that you’re made to be successful and possess the right mindset to achieve it.

A Blue Jay feather is definitely a positive sign and you should feel happy and thankful for this symbol to have crossed your path.

Is It Illegal To Have A Blue Jay Feather?

As Blue Jays are protected birds (as stated in the Migratory Bird Act), it is illegal to have a Blue Jays feather in your possession. If you come across a Blue Jays feather, it is best advised to appreciate it with your eyes only and leave the feather where you’ve found it.  

Even if you find the feather in your own backyard, it is forbidden to pick it up and keep it with you.

If at some point you get caught having a Blue Jays feather in your possession, you could be unpleasantly surprised with some heavy fines

The best thing to do when you see a Blue Jays feather is to solely observe it and maybe take a picture of it in order to able to look at it at another moment in time.

This way you’ll make sure you won’t be performing any type of illegal act. 

Is Seeing A Blue Jay Feather Good Luck?

Seeing a Blue Jay feather appear on your path can definitely be taken as a sign of good luck. As Blue Jays generally symbolize feelings of energy, healing and loyalty, seeing such a feather is a promising omen for good things and exciting experiences coming your way. 

A Blue Jays feather signifies some great opportunities heading your way and seeing this feather can be taken as a sign that you should definitely pursue any plans you’ve had in mind. 

Blue Jay Feather Spiritual Meaning

You may have been postponing your plans for a while out of doubt or insecurity. A Blue Jays feather shows up as a form of encouragement to take on any goals or plans you may have kept in the back of your mind up until now. 

What Does It Mean When A Blue Jay Comes To Visit?

If a Blue Jay comes to visit you, it is a sign of protection. With the Blue Jay on your side you can be sure that whatever way you decide to go, you will be protected on your journey and and are encouraged to take the next step without any fear or hesitation. The Universe has got your back. 

Seeing a Blue Jay also means you should use your intellect and communication skills to find out who’s intentions are sincere and who may be out to pull you down.

There may be some jealousy in play with someone in your circle, but with your sharp alertness you’ll be able to see right through it.

As soon as you find out that’s what’s happening, take action accordingly.

To Conclude

So, to summarize, a Blue Jay’s feather spiritually means that you will have the intelligence, positivity and courage to pursue your highest hopes and dreams.

This feather crosses your path as a sign of encouragement to face your challenges head on and don’t stop until you reach your ultimate goals.

Besides their drive for success, a Blue Jays feather also symbolizes faithfulness within relationships and the importance of self-care.

Look after your loved ones, but at the same time don’t forget yourself in the process. 

When it comes to keeping a Blue Jays feather, you should be aware that it’s illegal to have such a feather in your possession.

As Blue Jays are protected animals, getting caught with having one of their feathers in your possession might very well result in being presented with a heavy fine. 

With regards to good luck, Blue Jays feathers are a positive omen and predict great chances and experiences coming your way. 

When a Blue Jay decides to visit you, this can be taken as a sign that you’re protected along your journey. 

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