Can You Dream In A Dream?

Our dream world is quite a mysterious and still fairly unknown place. Not only can you dream about the weirdest and most illogical occurrences, you might even find yourself waking up in confusion as you seem to have experienced what can best be described as a dream in a dream

As I’ve had such experiences myself as well, it led me to wonder whether it’s actually possible to experience a dream within a dream, or if it is just a product of my imagination. I’ve decided to do some research on the subject and this is what I’ve found. 

Can You Dream In A Dream? 

It is possible to dream in a dream. This phenomenon can also be described as a ‘false awakening’. When this happens, it is often because your subconscious mind wants you to receive an important message. It’s possible you’ll wake up with a solution to a problem you’ve never considered before. 

can you dream in a dream?

A dream within a dream is a way of your subconscious mind to help you understand certain events which you may not be able to unravel in your waking life, or even in your ‘normal’ dream state. A dream in a dream can truly help you notice specific details of a dream you may have otherwise missed. Having a dream within a dream almost always occurs in order to draw in your attention.

A dream in a dream can be a continuation of your previous dream, but this time on a much deeper level. You may become subconsciously aware that you’re dreaming, which is also known as lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is known to also be an activity which can ultimately lead towards experiencing a dream within a dream.

Oftentimes, a dream within a dream feels extremely real to the dreamer. Even more real than a regular dream. After you wake up, it can seem as if the dream in a dream wasn’t really a dream, but is remembered as something that has truly happened in the waking life.

Realizing it was all just a dream after all later on can be quite disheartening, especially when the dream you experienced was a particularly good one. It may take up to a few days to truly be able to process what happened and to accept the fact that is was all merely a dream.

Most of the time though, when you’re experiencing a false awakening, you will often be doing things in your dream which you would normally do when you’d be awake. This can include activities such as going to the toilet, having breakfast or showering. 

A dream in a dream can also serve as a form of protection. In order to tackle a certain sensitive issue in your waking life, you may experience a period of having dreams inside your dream. By observing these dreams closely, you will eventually likely find specific returning events which may hold an important message that can help conquer certain problems or challenges.

What Does It Mean When You Have A Dream Within A Dream?

To have a dream within a dream means your subconscious wants to send you a message. In order to attract your attention and to make you truly think about what deeper meaning could be behind your dream, a dream within a dream creates an extra layer of perception. 

Having a dream within a dream doesn’t happen often, and certainly not to everyone. However, if you do happen to go through such an experience, there’s always a deeper meaning hiding behind it. 

In order to understand the deeper meaning behind your dream within a dream, it is necessary to try and notice the surrounding events happening within your dreams. This can often give some great hints towards the message your subconscious mind wants you to hear and understand. 

When a dreamer is actually aware of the fact that they are dreaming, this is called lucid dreaming. In a lucid dream, the dreamer is sometimes also able to control what happens in their dream. During a lucid dream it is possible to alter the course of the dream.

You may even experience the same dream in a dream multiple times, until you’ve clearly understood the message and took action on it. The moment you shift from your original dream into the dream within your dream is very important and crucial when it comes to wanting to find out the deeper reason and meaning behind them. 

The video below by Matt D’Avella perfectly explains how you could try and experience having a lucid dream yourself, which can ultimately result in having a dream within your dream. 

Can You Remember A Dream In A Dream?

It is possible to remember a dream in a dream. Even though it can be quite a confusing experience, a dream in a dream is often most remembered the moment you wake up. To remember the dream in a dream, write down your dream experiences in clear detail first thing in the morning. 

When you decide to make it a habit to write down your dreams, or dreams inside your dreams, you significantly increase your chances of being able to remember more of them in the future. As you train your mind to follow a specific morning ritual, remembering your dreams will become more natural.

Another great tip to enhance your chances of remembering your dreams within dreams is to actively focus your energy on wanting to remember your dreams before you fall asleep. Try to really visualize your desired outcome, which in this case comes down to remembering your dreams clearly after waking up in the morning. This will send a subconscious call-to-action to your mind.

can you remember a dream in a dream?

It is definitely possible to remember your dream within a dream, as dreams are being formed purely from memories and experiences you went through throughout the day. This can also be referred to as your dream memory. Dreams come from the very source that creates them, which is the mind. Memories of dreams are subconsciously being saved and can be called upon at any given time, it may just take some thorough practice and training.

In Conclusion

It is possible to dream in a dream. This specific event is also referred to as a ‘false awakening’. When this happens, the dream in a dream feels like actually waking up. It often feels extremely real and not like a dream at all. 

The meaning behind having a dream within a dream often has something to do with a specific important message from your subconscious mind. As we process our day through our dreams, there may very well be an important detail your subconscious mind wants you to notice and take action on.

To be able to actively notice and experience the fact that you are dreaming is called lucid dreaming. Being able to lucid dream can ultimately result in experiencing a dream within a dream as well.

It is possible to remember your dream within a dream. Often, when we awaken from our dreams, the first seconds after waking we remember a glimpse or even our full dreams.

In order to remember your dreams and to be able to start seeing a pattern in them, it is best advised to write down your dreams immediately after awakening. Another way to enhance your chances of remembering your dreams is to visualize remembering your dreams just before you go to sleep.

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