What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Full Moon?

Full moons are incredibly enchanting to look at. But what does it mean to see a full moon in your dreams? As I’m personally very interested in the deeper meaning behind dreams I wondered this myself as well and decided to do some research on the subject, this is what I’ve found!

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Full Moon?

To dream of a full moon indicates a sense of finalization and accomplishment. It represents realization of specific goals. When you dream of a full moon, it is best advised to try and notice the surrounding details in which the dream takes place in order to accurately interpret your dream.

full moon dream meaning

Dreams are often a reflection of our daily lives. It is where our mind processes the day and all the events that happened. A full moon indicates positive circumstances ahead. It is most of the time related to a specific goal you are heading towards. 

It indicates you are about to complete the goal successfully, even though you might still feel hesitant at this moment. A full moon shows up to encourage you to keep having faith and work towards your desired goals without feelings of uncertainty. 

The full moon showing up in your dreams also indicates you are feeling very powerful. You are a strong individual who won’t take no for an answer and fights for their dreams. Don’t hold back when it comes to allowing yourself to give yourself credit for what you have achieved so far. You can be very proud of yourself and this dream serves as a form of encouragement to own those feelings. 

A full moon can also indicate that you’re having trouble speaking up for yourself. It can represent a certain type of insecurity. However, if you see a full moon in your dreams you can rest assured that you are being guided along your journey. The universe has your back and wants you to take the lead of your own life. Work on your self esteem as you are meant to do great things. Don’t allow your self-doubt to interfere with your ultimate goals and desires. 

As the moon in general is associated with change, a full moon is a clear sign that you should focus on one goal at a time, if you want it to turn out successful. The full moon in your dreams shows you have traveled a long road to get to where you are now.

It urges you to keep on going and don’t feel tempted to quit just before you’re about to cross the finish line. Even though you might not be able to clearly see it yet in your waking life, trust this dream symbol to know your time is coming.

In general, a full moon represents our spiritual journey. It is associated with the discovery of our inner being and living our ultimate truth. It challenges us to use our creativity and imagination as a way to get us to our deepest dreams.

A full moon urges us to seize the moment and take chances before the opportunity is gone. However, don’t worry and always remember the full moon will eventually return, and with that a new chance to shine will be handed to you once again.

This interesting and inspiring video by Aaron Doughty below perfectly explains how you can use the full moon to manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Huge Full Moon?

To dream of a huge full moon indicates new beginnings and powerful moves. When you dream of a large full moon, you are very likely to feel more in-tune with your intuition and are being encouraged to trust your instincts. It’s a positive omen when it comes to achieving your desired goals. 

To dream of a huge full moon represents your ultimate goals under a magnifying glass. An enlarged full moon wants you to pay close attention to where you are heading on your journey and notice the signs that are being given to you. 

huge full moon dream meaning

It encourages you to become more in-tune with your intuition and trust your initial instincts, as they hold much value and truth. Don’t let yourself get distracted by other peoples’ opinions, you ultimately know what is best for you. 

Let go of anything or anyone that makes you unhappy and stands in the way of reaching your ultimate goals. Trust that everything will eventually work out the way it should. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Two Full Moons?

To dream about two full moons indicates you are being challenged to make a difficult decision in your waking life. The two full moons represent both options. If you can’t decide which one you’re being pulled towards, it is best advised to wait it out. The right answer will eventually come to you. 

To dream of two full moons doesn’t happen often. When you come across two full moons in your dream it represents a certain type of struggle with regards to an important decision you are being asked to make. 

Sometimes this type of dream can give a very clear indication which decision will work out in your best interest. Most of the time though, it is a way of telling you to not rush into things. Allow yourself some time to find out what decision will be best for you. Don’t let yourself be pushed into making a choice by others around you. 

What Does It Mean To Dream About Three Full Moons?

To dream about three full moons represents having many different interests. You are very likely a creative and ambitious person who sees opportunities everywhere. The three full moons showing up in your dreams is your subconscious mind encouraging you to combine your interests into one mission. 

You may have been feeling uncertain lately when it comes to choosing a certain path. The three full moons showing up in your dreams are a sign to let you know that you don’t necessarily have to choose between them, but can also find a way to make them work together

Use your creative abilities to come up with a plan in how to combine your interests. Don’t write one of your interests off just yet. Allow them to come into your life and practice them in order to eventually find out which one (or more) fits you best. Let yourself come to the conclusion in a natural manner. You’re a true visionary, so don’t let your dreams be tamed by society. 

What Does It Mean To Dream Of A Red Full Moon

To dream of a red full moon, also known as a blood moon, indicates impactful changes ahead. When you dream of a full red colored moon, it is best advised to prepare yourself for some challenging times. However, there’s a great chance it will eventually impact you in a positive way.

A red full moon generally indicates that there will be some challenges coming your way. When they come, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and not quite sure how to handle the situation. The red full moon showing up in your dreams is a form of encouragement to tell you you’ve got what it takes to handle it. 

red full moon dream meaning

Have faith in yourself that you will bring these challenges to a successful ending. You will eventually come out on top. Challenges are always great opportunities to learn something new about ourselves. It can show us an interesting side of ourselves we didn’t know we had before. They are the fastest way to personal growth and should actually be welcomed generously. Don’t be afraid, trust that everything will work out in your best interest. Your best life is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone. 

In Conclusion

To dream of a full moon indicates an accomplishment or completion of a specific goal or ongoing circle in your life. It shows you are on the right path and about to conquer your ultimate goals and desires. 

It’s the symbol of positive change and is a sign to keep on going as you are very close to where you want to be. A full moon showing up in your dreams represents your personal spiritual journey and urges you to seize the moment.

To dream of two full moons indicates having to make a difficult decision. As moons are also ultimate symbols of time, two moons can show up as a way of saying it is okay to wait before you make your final decision. Let the decision come to you in a natural way, don’t push yourself.

Dreaming of three full moons indicates you are a very creative person who sees a lot of interesting opportunities ahead. The three full moons present themselves in your dreams to encourage you to try them all out and not let yourself be limited by just choosing one specific interest.

Red full moons, or blood moons, in dreams indicate that there are some challenging times ahead. However, it also shows you will be able to handle the situation, no matter how difficult it may seem. When the storm is over, you will definitely notice you have grown tremendously. 

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