What Spirit Animal Is A Libra?

Libras, who are born between September 23 and October 23, can generally be characterised as very well-balanced and intelligent individuals.

Just like all the other zodiac signs, Libras have their very own spirit animal as well.

In this article we’re going to discover what Libras’ spirit animal is and what to expect from this specific animal! 

The spirit animal of Libra is the raven. As ravens are known for their smart and observant qualities, this spirit animal matches Libra perfectly. The raven will guide the Libra through challenging circumstances and encourage them to reach their ultimate goals. 

Now that you know what your spirit animal is, let’s move straight ahead and find out what else this interesting spirit animal has got in store for you, Libra!

The Raven As Libras Spirit Animal

With the raven being Libras’ spirit animal, this match suggests that you’re a very intelligent and creative person.

You come up with ideas and solutions nobody else would ever think of and truly bring a unique twist to any unexpected problems or issues. 

A raven is known to be a symbol of transformation. As a Libra, you are a person who likes to keep everything under control.

However, with the raven being your spirit animal, you’re being challenged to surrender to change and uncertainty.

It is important to be able to handle the difficulties that occur in your life, instead of solely focussing on the fun and positive parts.

Try to incorporate being okay with feeling uneasy at times, as this may very well help you grow tremendously.

The raven wants you to learn that even though challenges may not always be easy and certainly not fun at times, they can however truly help you develop your true self.

You will find out so much more about who you are as a person when you decide to take life as it comes; the good, the bad and the ugly.

When you keep on suddenly spotting ravens everywhere or at the most unexpected places, this could be a sign from your spirit animal wanting to let you know they are encouraging and guiding you to step into your personal power.

Don’t run away from any uneasiness but truly embrace every event that’s happening around you.

This will give you the strength to come out on the other side sooner than you might expect.

what spirit animal is a libra

A raven can help you connect more to your spiritual side, as you learn to understand the depths of your being.

You will feel more in touch with the Universe as a whole and start to understand that all things happen for a reason. This will eventually provide you with a sense of calm and acceptance. 

When ravens keep on appearing in your life, it is very common to feel more connected to the deeper meaning of life.

You will probably find yourself thinking more about your own existence and start asking questions about why you are here on this earth.

You may find yourself feeling more interested in discovering your true purpose in order to contribute your unique value to the world.

As a Libra, you may have the tendency to be needy towards other people at times, as you don’t enjoy being alone. With the raven as your spirit animal on your side however, you are being encouraged to find joy in being by yourself.

Make it your habit to plan a self-care day once in a while in order to appreciate your own company. Being able to enjoy your own company can feel extremely liberating and powerful.

With the raven as your spirit animal, you can be sure some exciting changes are about to happen, when you keep on seeing this magical animal all the time.

It’s a sign that your highest desires have been noticed and are on their way to you.

Keep on having a positive mindset and work towards your greatest goals without any form of hesitation. 

When you keep focusing on the signs that are being given to you by your spirit animal, you will at some point start to see an interesting pattern.

It is best advised to write down all your experiences in a notebook so you can look back later on and try to connect the dots.

This way, you will inevitably start experiencing the magic of the Universe which will help you manifest your highest dreams and desires even sooner. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of A Raven?

The spiritual meaning of a raven can generally be interpreted as transformation and divine connection. Ravens have the ability to connect the heavens with the earth and symbolize encouragement to have the bravery to face hard challenges in order to set off self-growth. 

Besides being the symbol for transformation, Ravens have some other important characteristics they are often associated with, which are:

  • reawakening
  • self-confidence
  • intelligence
  • self-knowledge
  • creativity
  • playfulness
  • mysterious
  • freedom
  • divinity
  • clarity
  • truth
  • curiosity

Ravens don’t scare away from challenges, in fact, they dive in head first and face them without fear. They know that in order to develop themselves in a positive way, they have to go through the hard stuff first.

Ravens are very courageous animals who often choose the difficult path in order to grow the most in the long run. 

what spirit animal is a libra

Even though ravens are often associated with darkness and negative omens, it is actually more accurate to see them as inspiring animals who offer honest expectations.

Life isn’t always easy and ravens encourage you to not shy away from difficulties. When you’re able to embrace uncertainty and change, a whole new world of possibilities will open up to you.

Lastly, ravens are also seen as very mystic and mysterious animals. They are said to have the ability to connect with the spirit world and bring divine messages to the physical world.

Ravens spark creativity and promote inventiveness when it comes to coming up with unique and powerful ideas.

In Conclusion

The spirit animal of a Libra is the raven. A Libra is known as smart and observant, which matches their spirit animal perfectly. 

Ravens are the animals of transformation. Whereas Libras are known to want to keep everything under control, their spirit animal inspires and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone and face the difficult challenges in order to grow the most. 

When a Libra keeps on seeing ravens appear in their life, this may very well be a message from their spirit animal, giving them the sign to be bold and courageous with a specific challenge or struggle in their lives. 

The spiritual meaning of a raven mostly has to do with transformation and divine connection between the heavens and the earth.

Even though some might interpret a raven to be a negative or bad omen, they can actually better be seen as truth speakers who don’t shy away from difficulties that they eventually have to face anyway. 

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