What Color Represents Change?

Colors are a great symbol to represent a certain purpose or feeling.

When it comes to the word ‘change’, it can be quite interesting to understand what color is mostly associated with it.

Without further ado, let’s find out the answer you’re looking for right away! 

Change if often represented by the color orange. Orange is generally associated with announcing the change of seasons as the leaves turn into an orange color as they prepare for autumn to arrive. Additionally, orange is connected to creativity which is an ever changing mastery. 

Now that it’s clear that orange is known as the color of change, let’s take a closer look at the deeper meaning behind the color orange and how it can be interpreted in other ways as well. 

Orange As The Color Of Change

The color orange mainly symbolizes optimism, joy, emotion, creativity and, yes, change.

The color orange is often used to indicate a specific transition, for example the change of seasons, where the leaves turn from green to orange in order to introduce the beginning of autumn. 

Furthermore, the color orange is greatly associated with feelings of happiness and creativity. It is often used to accentuate and stimulate excitement and enhancing the human senses.

Looking at the color orange, or being surrounded by it, will immediately lift your spirits. The color orange has the quality to increase happy thoughts and feelings of wellness.

This is one of the reasons Himalayan salt lamps are known to have a positively stimulating impact on your mood, as its light releases a warm orange hue

I own one of these beautiful Himalayan salt lamps myself (see picture above) and I absolutely love to turn it on in the evening to relax after an exhausting day. Besides its beautiful aesthetic, it truly helps me calm down and be more in the moment. I also love to use this lamp as a calming light source during my meditations

Because the color orange is generally associated with lifting spirits and having a stimulating effect on ones mood, it can truly change someone’s current perception and transform it into a more positive one.

This makes orange a truly outstanding and unique color. 

Orange is the color of life. It is the color you get when mixing red and yellow together, which are both known as the two most powerful colors in the color spectrum.

Combining these two colors together logically creates the best of both worlds; orange!

Orange also is the color of determination and success, which ultimately leads to change as well.

In order to be successful, you must step out of your comfort zone and undertake activities you’ve never done before. This inevitably means a form of change. 

The color orange can stimulate your enthusiasm which will make you want to work on your goals and encourages you to take action. It makes you feel empowered to achieve anything you set your mind to. 

Orange is also known as one of the seven chakra colors, the Sacral chakra.

It represents the chakra that is connected most to your emotions and creativity. It’s the chakra color of self-expression and stimulates you to change into your true being and purpose.

Orange lighting can help to connect to these specific feelings of emotions and creativity make you feel more in touch with your Higher Self.

It is often used during meditation that focuses on opening specific chakras, such as the Sacral chakra. 

Last but not least, the color orange can also be associated with certain spirit animals that represent change, such as the butterfly.

The transformation of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly is truly magical and the ultimate representation of change in the animal kingdom. 

what color represents change?

In Conclusion

The color that represents change is orange. As orange is the color to indicate the transition of the seasons, it is the ultimate color to symbolize change.

On top of that, orange is also associated with creativity and determination, which are two things that are strongly led and developed by allowing and accepting change.

The color orange has the ability to change someone’s senses in a positive way. It possesses the power to stimulate moods.

This is one of the reasons Himalayan salt lamps are extremely popular these days, as they give off a nice orange hue which can truly calm down the senses and help to wind down after a rough day.

When it comes to the seven chakras, the color orange is represented by the Sacral chakra.

This chakra mainly identifies with emotions and creativity, which ultimately will lead to (positive) changes as well.

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