What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Water?

Water is essential for life. It’s an important element we need and use every single day. But have you ever wondered about the spiritual meaning of water? Well, I know I sure did, as I often feel a clear magnetic pull towards water. That’s why I’ve decided to do some research on this topic and share my interesting findings with you in this article!

The spiritual meaning of water mainly represents emotions, new beginnings and purification. As our emotions are ever changing, so is water. Water indicates hope as it will help fade away negative emotions over time and return into its natural tranquil state of being. 

Now, let’s dive in and find out more about the deeper spiritual meaning of water. Also, we’ll take a look at the spiritual meaning of spilling water and how dreams about water can best be interpreted. 

The Spiritual Meaning Of Water

Water has this remarkable reputation of having a magical effect on many people. Its ever moving flow has the ability to mesmerize and calm down the senses.

This explains why lots of people tend to visit the ocean as a way to unwind and release any brooding thoughts that have been clouding their mind.

Water helps feelings refreshed and can provide a sense of calm and clarity

When it comes to the spiritual meaning of water, it is often associated with emotions. This can be emotions of any kind.

Depending on the intensity of the water (still water, a relaxing stream or powerful waves); its spiritual meaning with regards to emotions is directly linked to it.

When you tend to be attracted towards water, whether it’s the ocean or the purifying feeling of a calming shower after a long day, it’s a sign you are one with the true meaning of life.

You are very likely to be deeply connected to the Universe and nature in general.

the spiritual meaning of water

When the water you tend to feel attracted to has a wild tendency, on a spiritual level this indicates a sense of missing balance.

Once the water you’re feeling attracted to comes back to a more relaxed and calm state, so will the emotions.

Water also symbolizes purity. It is literally the most important element we use to clean and wash ourselves.

However, what most people don’t realize, is that water possesses a healing property towards the spirit as well.

Even just looking at water can help calm you down and make you feel more connected with your true life purpose.

When it comes to water, in a spiritual way it represents change. Water is always moving, just like the circumstances and events of our lives.

The sea can appear extremely rough one day, but the next morning it’ll be calm again and it will look like nothing ever happened.

The same goes for our everyday life. The storm will eventually die down and make room for clarity and calmness

In a religious sense, water is often associated with its cleansing abilities. It is known for being used as a way of blessing people and symbolizes a sense of safety and protection

What Does Spilling Water Mean Spiritually?

When it comes to the meaning of spilling water in a spiritual sense, this generally indicates good luck in many cultures. It is a symbol of a certain activity or new beginning to flow with great ease. Spilled water purifies and brings positive vibrations along with it. 

When you accidentally spill water, in a spiritual sense, this may also indicate that you have some emotional blockages which you need to bring to the surface.

It’s a tender wake up call to make you aware of the fact that you’re currently too distracted by your thoughts and need to live more in the moment and focus on what is truly important to you.

As soon as you fix these blockages and generate some peace of mind, the water spilling will most likely stop as well.

Most of the time though, spilling water is a sign of good luck and a positive omen that exciting changes are ahead.

Negative experiences are being purified and washed away, and make room for new optimistic ones. This can be either in your love life, career or even with regards to new activities such as travelling or hobbies. 

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of Water In Dreams?

Dreaming about water often spiritually indicates a reflection of your emotional state of being in the waking life. If the water is calm, it’s a positive sign that indicates things will keep running smoothly for you. If the water is wild and rough, there are probably some challenges ahead. 

Dreams about water are very common and many people are able to recall some sort of dream about water throughout their life.

There’s not a one way explanation to the spiritual meaning of water in dreams, as this differs per types of circumstances around which the dream took place. 

the spiritual meaning of dreaming about water

In order to provide you with the most accurate answer to interpret your dream with, let’s take a look at some common water dream examples to give you an idea of what may be the spiritual meaning behind your specific water dream:

Dream About Water Overflowing 

To dream about water overflowing, flooding or leaking indicates having no control over your emotions. You may feel overwhelmed about something in your waking life. This dream appears as an encouragement to take action and take back the control over whatever it is that has been bothering you.

Dream Of Water Inside The House

To dream about water inside your house can indicate feeling emotionally overwhelmed within your home. This could have something to do with a conflict with the person(s) you live with, or it could be that you don’t really feel at home in your own house. 

Dream Of Walking Through Clear Water

To dream of walking through clear (sometimes turquoise) water is a very positive sign and often indicates experiencing a true sense of inner piece. You may have had some rough times, but this dream appears as a way of reassuring you that the hard part is over.

If you’re still going through some trouble, this dream serves as an encouragement to keep on pushing through as you’ll soon find yourself in a happier and more calm state of mind. 

Dream About Waves

To dream about waves, or maybe even a tsunami, indicates some challenging times are ahead. You may have already had a hinge something was coming in your waking life that was probably going to shake things up a bit. This dreams shows up as a sign to prepare yourself.

Dream About Drinking Water 

To dream about drinking water is a confirmation that you’re taking great care of yourself and you’re putting yourself first this time. If you’re dreaming about seeing someone else drink water, this can indicate this person could use some emotional support with a certain issue. 

Dream About Cleaning Floor With Water

When you dream about cleaning the floor with water this means that you’re done dealing with certain emotions or issues in your life. It is time to literally clean up and wash away negative influences. It’s an encouragement to solely focus on the good from now on.

Dream About Being Surrounded By Water

If you dream about being surrounded by water or maybe even feel trapped inside the water, this can indicate that you’re having a hard time dealing with your emotions when it comes to a specific aspect of your life. Try to not resist your emotions, soon the waves will disappear.

In Conclusion

On a spiritual level, water is generally associated with emotions. As water is always changing and flowing, the same goes for emotions.

Water has the ability to calm down the senses and help unwind the mind. In a religious sense, water is often used as a symbol to cleanse and protect.

When it comes to the meaning of spilling water, this mainly indicates good luck and fortune. On the other hand, it can also be associated with emotional blockages (especially when spilling the water yourself).

Dreaming about water can mean a lot of different things, but almost always indicates some sort of emotion.

Depending on the state of the water in the dream, it can either indicate difficulties facing certain emotions (rough water), or a sign that the hardest part is over and good times are ahead (smooth and calm water).

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