17 Best Indie Tarot And Oracle Card Decks (Updated 2023)

When it comes to tarot and oracle decks, one of my favorite elements are the beautiful artwork and illustrations that are displayed on the cards.

It truly can give an extra dimension to any type of reading.  

While there are many well known and even some famous tarot and oracle decks out there, I tend to find myself gravitating more towards the ‘Indie style’ decks.

Indie tarot and oracle decks refer to card decks that are independently created and published by individual artists, creators or small businesses, rather than being produced by major publishing companies. 

Indie decks showcase unique and innovative artwork, concepts and interpretations, offering a fresh perspective on traditional tarot.

To me, it is an absolute joy to find new awesome tarot and oracle artists sharing their gift by creating the most mesmerizing and captivating decks.

Also, by supporting these artists and using their unique decks we can make sure tarot is here to stay for many years to come.

In this article I will share with you the 17 best Indie Tarot and Oracle Decks that are currently available.

You’ll certainly find yourself pleasantly surprised with at least one of these amazing decks!

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1. Synesthesia Tarot Deck

The Synesthesia Tarot Deck is a beautiful deck.

It has a really minimalistic feel to it which gives it a modern and clean vibe.

The cards are black with silver foil accents which makes them sparkle really pretty.

Synesthesia Tarot: 78 card modern silver foil tarot deck

The cards have the same meanings as traditional tarot cards, which makes them easy to understand.

With the simple but beautiful illustrations, interpreting these cards should be great for both beginners as advanced tarot card readers.

It truly is a deck that has the ability to connect to a large audience while staying truly unique at the same time.

The cards have a standard tarot card size and are printed on high quality paper.

They also come in a handy magnetic box which will make sure to protect the cards perfectly.

If you are interested, there is also an additional guidebook available (not standard included with the deck) which will give you even more in-depth insights and knowledge regarding the possible meanings and interpretations of the cards.

2. The Naked Truth Oracle Deck

The Naked Truth Oracle Deck is all about celebrating diversity.

It truly honors its name, as all cards display the natural human beauty.

It is a truly beautiful, inspiring and unique oracle deck that is meant to help you heal and face your deepest challenges and issues.

It’s a deck that speaks to your inner feelings and desires and heavily promotes self-love and acceptance.

This oracle deck can provide for you as a great and safe tool for self-exploration and will make sure to prevent any fears or doubts trying to come in between you and the cards.

This Oracle Deck is really unique as it has 3 versions of the ‘Lovers Card’ instead of just the regular 1.

There is a straight, gay and lesbian couple individually presented as the ‘Lovers Card’ within this deck of cards.

3. Mini Cat Tarot Deck

The Mini Cat Tarot Deck is a hand cut deck that consists out of 78 cute and colorful cards.

As the name of the deck already suggests, the cards are made in a small size so you will be able to take them with you anywhere your path may lead you!

Tarot of White Cats Mini

The cards have really adorable and uplifting cat illustrations which make it the perfect deck for all cat lovers out there.

The cards are printed on heavy watercolor paper which gives them that true high-quality feel.

Also the fact that the cards are square makes them really unique and fun to use.

It’s a deck that stands out from the crowd and will look really nice between the rest of your tarot decks.

4. The Self-Love Oracle Deck

The Self-Love Oracle Deck is a real breath of fresh air in today’s hectic world.

We all get so busy and caught up in society that we tend to easily forget that we ourselves need to be cared for as well.

This Self-Love Oracle Deck consists out of a total of 44 cards and comes with a guidebook to really get the best possible results out of the cards.

The Self-Love Oracle

It’s a deck meant for personal healing and self-empowerment and could serve as a great additional part to add to your (hopefully already existing) self-care routine.

With pretty watercolor illustrations, the cards give off a calming vibe which will help you feel relaxed and loved all throughout your readings.

This deck really helps you remember to cherish and see yourself in a more positive light.

You are totally worthy of love and everything that is good in this world and this deck will be sure to show you that!

5. Oddity Tarot – Major Arcana Deck

The Oddity Tarot is a Major Arcana Deck that consists out of a total of 24 cards.

It’s a great deck to mix with Minor Arcana cards from one of your other tarot decks which will give you a true unique set of cards.

Mixing this Major Arcana Deck with a Minor Arcana Deck from another tarot deck will give you surprising new insights and provide the ability to spice up your reading a bit.

Oddity Tarot: A 24-Card Major Arcana Deck Original Hand-Drawn Images

Unlike most tarot decks, this deck doesn’t come with a guidebook and for a good reason.

The artist wants you to really use your intuition when reading and interpreting the cards and not be distracted by having an already fixed mindset towards the possible meanings or interpretations of the cards due to a guidebook.

It’s a great deck for everyone who wants to get closer to their higher self and learn to really trust their own life decisions.

When using this deck on a regular basis you will feel your self-confidence growing naturally over time.

It really is a beautiful thing.

The deck has illustrations that will speak to every tattoo lover out there and has kind of a ‘carnival’ vibe to it.

It’s a truly vivid deck that will inspire you to get out there and reach your full potential.

6. The Guided Hand Tarot

The Guided Hand Tarot speaks to all true tarot lovers out there.

It has been around since 2018 and has ever since been a very popular deck within the Indie tarot community.

The cards have a retro yet modern feel to them and lend themselves to be easily shuffled without any problems as a result of the high quality paper that’s been used for this deck.

Each card is absolutely unique and you will not get bored with them anytime soon. Heck, you’ll probably love them forever!

It also truly is a unique deck when it comes to gender and sexuality, as the cards display a world where everybody is viewed and treated as equal (as it should be!).

It’s a lovely refreshing deck and has really colorful and vibrant illustrations which makes them a pure joy use for a reading.

7. The Indie Wild Rune Oracle Deck

The Indie Wild Rune Oracle Deck is a deck that consists out of a total of 24 cards which all have a truly unique and out of the box art style featured on them.

This deck has a true galactic vibe to it with both vibrant dreamy backgrounds and colorful and inspiring illustrations.

These cards are a true joy to use!

It’s a quality deck with semi-gloss cards that are easy to shuffle.

The deck comes with an instruction sheet and a velvet carrying pouch which makes for outstanding protection.

8. Astral Tarot Deck

The Astral Tarot Deck is a deck that has a real futuristic and magical feel to it.

The colorful illustrations on these cards are truly out of this world and inspire you to think from a different perspective.

The Major Arcana Cards are all individually illustrated by different artists which makes them truly unique.

The deck also comes with an additional 3 bonus cards which will be able to give your reading that extra dimension.

This deck also comes with a 96-page guidebook which gives insights on all meanings and interpretations of each card.

The deck comes in a clam shell cardboard box with magnetic closure and silver foil accents which makes for a perfect protection of this amazing deck.

9. Carnival Tarot Deck

The Carnival Tarot Deck is what you can call a true work of art.

All of the 78 tarot cards are individually created by a different artists within the tarot industry.

This makes the deck extremely unique and exciting!

With it vibrant colors and vivid illustrations, this deck will lift your spirits instantly.

Your energy levels will rise straight away when deciding to do a tarot reading with the Carnival Tarot Deck.

The tarot deck screams quality as they are printed on think card stock and have a lovely satin finish on them.

On top of that the deck comes with a handy 44-page guidebook that will assist you with finding out and learning about the exact meanings and possible interpretations of the cards.

10. Cat Land Oracle Deck

The Cat Land Oracle Deck is an awesome deck for every cat lover.

These mystical feline creatures have a way of being able to help you on your spiritual journey by sharing their inner wisdom and admired personality traits through the cards.

There is a lot to be learned from cats and this oracle deck will provide you with lots of knowledge and insights that will blow your mind.

The cards truly help you find the right direction on your life path and make you think of possible insights and solutions to situations that probably never would have crossed your mind before.

The Cat Land Oracle Deck can help you learn to trust making choices based on your intuition and give you overall peace of mind while getting in touch with your higher self.

11. The Witches World Oracle Deck

The Witches World Oracle Deck is a wicked deck that truly follows its own path by breaking away from all set tradition and rules.

The individuality of this deck allows you to see things in a whole other light than you usually would, which makes it perfect for receiving new and helpful insights.

This deck doesn’t beat around the bush and can have a quite forward feel at times, but on the other hand this makes the deck extremely honest and also really helpful when you truly want to develop yourself spiritually.

The illustrations on the cards show traditional Witchcraft symbols and have a real magic vibe to them.

The cards are also perfect to practice manifestation.

For both beginners as advances readers, this deck will be able to surprise and guide you in an amazingly positive way.

12. Playful Heart Tarot

The Playful Heart Tarot Deck consists out of 78 colorful cards plus 4 amazing bonus cards.

It is a deck that truly speaks to all of your senses and will let you get back into contact with your inner child.

It really makes you dive into your creativity and feelings of freedom while loving yourself during the process.

Its mission is to get you out of your logical way of thinking and into a more curious mindset which will allow you to follow your heart and eventually be able to feel true bliss and happiness.

Shuffling these cards is easy as the quality cards all have a micro linen finish which makes them really smooth to handle.

13. Animal Oracle Deck

The Animal Oracle Deck is inspired by the magical animal kingdom and consists out of a total of 36 illustrated cards.

With its bright colors it will get you into a positive state of mind immediately.

Every card lets you in on each displayed animal’s unique strength and abilities in order to help guide you further on your life’s spiritual journey.

As it is meant to be an intuitive deck, it’s easy to use which makes it perfect for both beginners as advanced readers.

Interested in checking out more animal-themed decks, make sure to check out my other blog post right here where I share my top recommendations!

14. Spirit Animal Wisdom Oracle Deck

The Spirit Animal Wisdom Oracle Deck is a super dreamy deck that consists out of a total of 50 cards that are each absolutely breathtaking.

The cards give a deeper look into each illustrated animal’s unique qualities and wisdom which in turn will lead you to connect with your higher self in an easy and interesting way.

The deck comes with a nice guidebook that will let you into the meanings and interpretations of the cards as viewed by the author and will give an additional meaning towards the symbols on the cards along with advising about matching crystals.

15. The Mermaid Tarot

The Mermaid Tarot is a deck with a very unique nautical vibe to it which makes it a perfect deck for every mystical ocean lover out there.

Embrace your inner mermaid with this deck and submerge yourself into a world of deep spiritual awakening.

Mermaid Tarot

The deck comes in a pretty mint green flip box and has such vibrant colors and awesome illustrations that it will be pretty hard to put the cards away after your reading.

This tarot deck truly radiates positive energy and extremely inspiring vibes. It will be a a great addition to your tarot collection and will leave you and everyone that crosses the deck in awe.

16. Terra Botanical Plant Tarot Deck

Step into the mesmerizing world of the indie made hand drawn Terra Botanical Plant Tarot Deck.

Terra Botanical Plant Tarot Deck - Indie Made 78 Card

This stunning 78-card deck is a truly a masterpiece of art and divination, featuring beautiful illustrations of plants that hold profound symbolism and divine energy. 

Each card serves as an invitation to discover nature’s secrets, unlocking a sense of guidance and self-discovery. 

The Terra Botanical Plant Tarot Deck is not just a deck, it’s a way to deeply connect with Mother Earth.

17. Elemental Empath Oracle

The Elemental Empath Oracle is a beautiful oracle deck that consists of 52-card deck and is a direct portal to your unique intuitive depths, offering astounding insights into the energies that shape your emotions and experiences. 

Earth Moon Magick Elemental Empath Tarot Cards Set Oracle Deck

With beautiful artwork and symbolism, each card allows you to deeply connect to the earth, air, fire, and water elements, guiding you on a transformative journey of self-growth and discovery.

Whether you’re an empath seeking clarity or someone deeply interested in discovering spiritual wisdom, this Oracle Deck will definitely strengthen your intuition and empower you to uncover the elemental forces within.

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