Ace Of Cups And The Fool Combination: Upright, Reversed & Feelings

To pull the Ace of Cups and the Fool together can leave you questioning how to exactly interpret this fascinating tarot card combination. 

Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place! In this article you’ll discover the general meaning of this tarot card combination as well as its meaning in reversed position and with regards to someones feelings towards you.

Let’s dive straight in!

Ace of Cups and the Fool combination
Ace of Cups & The Fool card from the most widely used Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

Ace Of Cups And The Fool Combination

The Ace of Cups and the Fool combined are a sure fire sign a new beginning is soon to be expected. These cards together generally represent a new adventure on the horizon. You will be taking some steps outside your comfort zone which will help you get in touch with your higher self. 

This new beginning could come in many different ways. Whether it’s a new relationship or an exciting trip you’ve always wanted to take, now is the time to turn your dreams into reality.

The Ace of Cups and the Fool together indicate feeling a strong sense of self-confidence with life in general. You feel powerful to take on new challenges and follow your intuition. Stay open to new possibilities and you’ll eventually be rewarded with an abundance of blessings.

In-Depth explanation of the Ace of Cups tarot card, video by Contemporary Tarot

Ace Of Cups And The Fool: Reversed Meaning

When pulled in reversed position, the Ace of Cups and the Fool tarot card combination generally represent a sense of recklessness and a surpressing of emotions. It indicates one is not willing to accept a certain truth and is trying to escape a situation to avoid possible pain.  

In-Depth explanation of the Fool tarot card, video by Contemporary Tarot

The Fool & Ace Of Cups As Feelings

With regards to feelings, the Fool and Ace of Cups tarot card combination represents the willingness to become more serious, but only after experiencing a sense of freedom and carelessness. These cards together indicate someone feels the need to live life to the fullest before settling down. 

In Conclusion

The Ace of Cups and the Fool as a tarot card combination generally represent new beginnings in some shape or form. It is a strong sign that your life path will be leading you towards a more adventurous and spontanious route.

When the Ace of Cups and the Fool present themselves in the reversed position, this indicates suppressed emotions that result in acting reckless. Someone is not able to come to terms with certain challenging events. 

With regards to how someone feels towards you, this tarot card combination can be interpreted as someone willing to eventually settling down with you, but only after they’ve sowed their wild oats.

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