What Is The Birthstone Color For June?

Each month has its own unique birthstone. If you happen to be born in June, you might find yourself wondering what color your birthstone actually is. Well, you’ve come to the right place, so let’s dive right in and find out the answer!

The birthstone colors for june are white and green. These are the colors that belong to Moonstone, Pearl and Alexandrite, which are the birthstones for June. As Alexandrite is a very rare gemstone, the month of June has been given two more accessible stones as well.  

Now that you know what colors belong to the birthstones of June, let’s take a closer look at these specific birthstones and what their colors symbolize. Also, you’ll find out more about a very unique characteristic of the Alexandrite stone.

The Birthstone Colors For June: White & Green 

When it comes to the birthstones of June, Pearl and Moonstone are both known for their white color

Pearls come from all over the world and can either be found in oceans, lakes or rivers. It is a very popular gem and is often seen in all kinds of jewellery such as earrings and necklaces. It’s a true timeless gemstone that can be worn at any time, although it is mostly associated with more chic and classy occasions.

birthstone color for June

Due to its’ white color, the Pearl is often associated with spirituality, innocence and protection. Besides these associations, Pearls are also said to be beneficial for being able to attract good fortune and more wealth into your life. On top of that, wearing Pearls can strengthen the mind and help become more decisive.

Moonstone is another white crystal that is known as one of the birthstones for June. This mesmerizing gemstone can be found in multiple places around the world (such as the United States, India and Brazil) and is a stone that is often being associated with love, prosperity and perseverance

Moonstone is known as the stone of new beginnings and can help you move towards your desired goals much quicker. It’s a truly passionate stone which has the ability to spark the fire inside of you and make you want to keep on pushing to reach your ultimate goals. Wearing this stone will make for a great natural source of inspiration and delivers the calmness and clarity to know which way to go. It’s like having your own crystal compass with you.

Besides the two white stones mentioned above, June is also known for its birthstone ‘Alexandrite’. While this stone is mostly considered a green stone, there is a catch though! The Alexandrite is a very rare and special gemstone, mostly because of its color changing ability

If you’ve ever come across this crystal, you may have found yourself wondering: what is the true color for Alexandrite? Well, during daylight, the Alexandrite mostly has a vividly green, sometimes bluish-green color. At night, the stone changes into a more reddish purple color. This change of color is due to the amount of chromium this stone contains. The video below perfectly shows what is also referred to as the ‘Alexandrite Effect’.

Alexandrite stones are found in Brazil, Africa and Sri Lanka. This crystal is famous for its ability to increase self esteem, provide clarity and help you to be able to rely more on your intuition, which are also properties that can be connected back to the characteristics of both the colors green and red. 

Why Does June Have 3 Birthstones? 

The reason the month of June has 3 Birthstones (Moonstone, Pearl and Alexandrite), is because Alexandrite is considered a very rare and thus a less accessible and more expensive stone. In order to be able to keep birthstones accessible for everyone, June has been blessed with 2 extra gems. 

If you’re born in June, you can consider yourself very lucky being able to have so many mesmerizing birthstone options to choose from! Even though Alexandrite may be quite a difficult and expensive stone to get your hands on, both Moonstone and Pearl are widely accessible and each have their own unique and quite beneficial properties

When you’re experiencing difficulties choosing the right stone for you, as there are so many birthstone options available to you, remember that it is always best to go with the one your intuition is pointing you towards.

In order to do this, try to deeply connect with the stones and not solely look at them from an aesthetic point of view, but from a true heart-to-heart connection. If you pay close attention, you will surely notice a certain magnetic pull towards the crystal that is right for you. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen right away, practice makes perfect!

To Conclude

So, to summarize, the Birthstone colors for June are white and green. The Birthstones that belong to the month of June are Moonstone, Pearl and Alexandrite. Moonstone and Pearl are both white, and Alexandrite is generally considered a green stone.

Alexandrite however, has a very unique property, it has the ability to change color. During the day this crystal mostly appears to have a vivid green, sometimes bluish-green color. At night time though, the color changes towards a more reddish purple shade. Thanks to this distinctive characteristic, Alexandrite is considered a very rare type of crystal.

The reason the month of June has 3 birthstones is because of the fact that Alexandrite is such a rare and quite inaccessible stone. In order to be able to make birthstones accessible to all, Moonstone and Pearl have been luckily added towards the list of June’s Birthstones as well. 

To round off, I hope by now you are feeling well informed about the beautiful birthstones of June and their colors. If you happen to be looking for a nice June birthstone you can wear, I can recommend this lovely natural moonstone ring and this beautiful minimalist pearl necklace. Whether for yourself or as a gift to someone else, they both definitely make a great accessory to match all types of outfits and will make the person who wears it even more connected to themselves and their unique life story. 

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