Page Of Swords As Feelings: What They Won’t Tell You

The Suit of Swords is mainly associated with a sense of clear consciousness and strong intelligence.

When it comes to the Page of Swords and its meaning with regards to feelings, there is an interesting way to interpret this tarot card. 

That’s why in this article we will provide you with an in-depth explanation of the Page of Swords as feelings, as well as its meaning when pulled in reversed position during your tarot reading.

Lastly, we’ll also cover some of the most important tarot card combinations that include the Page of Swords.

Let’s dive right in!

Page Of Swords As Feelings

The Page of Swords tarot card generally represents someone who is feeling resourceful and communicative. They feel curious in getting to know their love interest on a deeper level, but will make sure to do it tactfully as they don’t want to risk getting emotionally hurt. 

The Page of Swords is someone who feels extremely inspired and ready to take action.

When they are interested in someone they will move forward in a confident manner. 

Page of Swords tarot card from the Light Seer's Tarot Deck
The Page of Swords tarot card from the beautiful Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

As the Page of Swords is known as a very communicative individual they will likely take on any possibility to strike up a conversation with you where they’ll try to find out as much as possible about you and the things you find important in life.

With their witty attitude they will also do their best to make you laugh in order to ensure you enjoy their company.

They love feeling appreciated by their love interest and will do anything to leave a memorable impression. 

When a Page of Swords is extremely into someone their confidence might become a bit overshadowed by feelings of nervousness.

They may become fidgety around you as they are scared of the emotional effect you have on them.

However, even though they may find you intimidating, they won’t be able to keep themselves at a distance for too long as the attraction will simply feel too strong.

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Page Of Swords Reversed As Feelings

The Page of Swords in reversed position indicates someone is feeling suspicious. They may be insecure about how their love interest is feeling towards them, which is resulting in them putting their walls up. If their’s a third party involved, the Page of Swords is likely to become distant. 

Someone who represents the Page of Swords in reverse is likely feeling quite insecure when it comes to their feelings towards you and as a result will keep an eye on your from afar (for example through social media).

When there’s another person involved in your situation then they will immediately perceive this person as a threat. 

They will likely feel the need to pull back and might even act passive-aggressive towards you as they can’t stand the fact they’re not getting the amount of attention they crave. 

the Page of Swords explained, video by ‘The Simple Tarot’

Page Of Swords And Emperor As Feelings 

The Page of Swords and Emperor as a tarot card combination represents someone who is feeling like they need to plan out their goals and desires strategically in order to get to where they want to be. They feel determent to pull through and won’t give in easily any time soon. 

With regards to love, this tarot card combination can be interpreted as someone who is definitely interested in you and is working their way towards you.

Even though they won’t come around as fast as you might like them to, they do have a clear vision of how they plan to make their intentions known to you.

A person who represent the Page of Swords combined with the Emperor will plan things ahead, so you can for example expect this to happen in the form of getting asked out on an actual date.

They like to take charge when it comes to your connection. 

Page Of Swords And Page Of Cups As Feelings

The Page of Swords and Page of Cups tarot card combination generally represents someone who feels dreamy and very much in touch with their intuition. They feel confident when it comes to putting their dreams into reality. They have a clear and strategic plan in mind. 

This person is feeling inspired to wow you on a whole different level.

The Page of Cups indicates they want to come forward with unique ideas and activities to do together.

They may ask you out to go to a concert together or maybe somewhere where it will only be the two of you such as a romantic stargazing date. 

The Page of Swords ads a sense of structure and planning to the mix of this tarot card combination.

They want to make sure things go according to plan as they don’t want to mess things up when it comes to this important connection. 

Page Of Swords And Ace Of Cups As Feelings

The Page of Swords and Ace of Cups tarot card combination indicates someone feels ready to drop their guard and open up emotionally. They realize that in order to connect on a deeper level with their loved one, they need to take off the mask they’ve been wearing. 

To encounter this interesting tarot card combination during your tarot reading is a strong sign that your person is feeling more and more relaxed around you.

Although they may normally have a hard time trusting people, they feel like they can actually open up around you and not have to fear getting hurt or mistreated. 

They feel like you’ve truly got their best interest at heart.

Even though they may not put all their cards on the table right away, they will definitely come forwards slowly but surely. 

the Ace of Cups tarot card explained (at 47.00), video by ‘Moonlight Guidance’

In Conclusion

So, to sum up, the Page of Swords generally represents someone who is feeling very communicative and resourceful.

They will go out of their way to connect with their love interest and feel very inspired to find out more about what moves them on a deeper level.

When pulled in reversed position, the Page of Swords indicates this person is feeling insecure.

Most likely, they are insecure with regards to where they stand with you.

There likely is a third party involved which annoys them and results in them pulling away at this moment. 

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