31 Effective Full Moon Intentions For Completion And Release

The Full Moon is known as a time of peak energy and immense spiritual power. 

It happens every 29.5 days when the sun is in opposition of the moon which means that you can see the entire face of the moon beautifully illuminated.

For me, the Full Moon is the perfect moment to reflect on the past and let go of the things that I feel no longer serve me.

This way I make room for abundance, good luck and success to naturally flow into my life.

By writing intentions under the Full Moon you are setting the stage for powerful transformations to manifest in your life.

I’ve had great success with setting intentions during the Full Moon and I’m excited to share my favorite ones with you in this blog post!

So, make yourself a nice cup of tea, find a comfortable spot to sit and get ready to set your intentions on the next Full Moon. 

How Do You Set Intentions On A Full Moon?

When it comes to setting intentions on the Full Moon you will want to take some time to reflect and get centered.

As the Full Moon is known to be a time of emotional release, it is important to acknowledge any feelings that come up during this process. 

So first, I like to find a quiet and calming place, away from distractions.

Next, take some deep slow breaths and allow yourself to fully relax.

Once you are finding yourself in the right mood and mindset, think about what it is that you would like to release and let go of.

It can be a type of behavior, a habit, a thought pattern or anything else that no longer truly serves your highest good.

Write down your intention(s) and be as specific as possible.

After you finish, take a few deep breaths and feel the energy of the Full Moon supporting you.

You can also use a mantra, prayer or affirmations to support your intention and make it even more powerful.

Now that you know how to set intentions on the Full Moon, let’s take a look at some of my favorite ones!

31 Powerful Intentions To Set On The Next Full Moon

1. I release all fear, worry and doubt from my life.

2. I accept and appreciate myself for who I am today.

3. I let go of all negative attachments.

4. I release any limiting beliefs that are stopping me from achieving my goals.

5. I let go of the need to control and welcome a strong sense of trust into my life.

6. I release any resistance that is keeping me from living my truth.

7. I forgive myself for the mistakes I have made.

8. I release the need to compare myself to others.

9. I surrender to my highest potential and allow abundance to flow into my life with ease.

10. I let go of any hurt and pain from the past.

11. I release all judgement and criticism of myself.

12. I allow peace and harmony to enter my life.

13. I forgive those who have wronger me in the past.

14. I release any anger or resentment that I am holding onto.

15. I let go of unhealthy relationships that are not serving me.

16. I release all expectations and simply appreciate what is.

17. I let go of any self-sabotage habits that are holding me back.

18. I accept and truly honor my own unique path.

19. I release any need to be perfect and embrace my flaws.

20. I release thoughts of self-doubt and replace them with self-love.

21. I forgive myself for any past decisions that I regret.

22. I let go of all negative thoughts and emotions.

23. I release any feelings of unworthiness or insecurity.

24. I let go of any feelings of guilt or shame.

25. I am open to embrace new opportunities and experiences.

26. I let go of the past and put my focus on the present.

27. I release any fear of failure and embrace new challenges.

28. I let go of al expectations and just enjoy the journey.

29. I release any feelings of loneliness or being disconnected from my true self.

30. I let go of any sense of lack or scarcity and welcome abundance into my life.

31. I release any need for approval from others and embrace my own power.

What Rituals Should You Do On A Full Moon?

Once your intentions are set, there are several powerful rituals that you can do on the Full Moon to help manifest them into reality.

Some of the most popular and effective rituals include burning sage, reading tarot cards or runes to gain insights, creating a crystal grid and taking a bath with herbs and/or salts.

When performing your ritual, focus on embodying the feeling of having already manifested your intention.

This will help give the ritual an extra boost.

A great way to end your ritual is by taking some time to meditate on it and then hold the intention in your heart while going about the rest of your day with the intention in mind.

Take the time to honor your intentions, fully embody them and connect with the power of the Full Moon to help you manifest your deepest dreams and desires.

Final Thoughts

By setting the intentions I’ve shared with you in this blog post and focusing on them during the Full Moon you will be able to easier manifest what it is you desire.

The power of the Full Moon will help you to let go of any old habits, patterns or beliefs that are no longer serving your highest good and bring to reality the life you have always envisioned for yourself.

So set your intentions and surrender them to the Universe, believing that it will be provided to you when the time is right.

We all deserve to experience abundance and success (however it is you personally define success), so open yourself up to receive it and allow it in.

Trust that the Universe will provide you with all the opportunities and blessing necessary to bring success and abundance into your life.

If you’re also interested in powerful New Moon rituals and intentions, then definitely make sure to check out this other blog post I wrote on how to use New Moon rituals for quickly manifesting your goals. 

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