111 Powerful Morning Affirmations For Positive Energy

Can you imagine starting each day feeling refreshed, motivated and excited for what lies ahead?

It may sound too good to be true, but it is definitely possible and it all starts with some simple yet powerful morning affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that you say to yourself in order to challenge negative or limiting beliefs.

By repeating these affirmations each morning, you can program your mind for success and start each day on a positive note.

I personally like to use morning affirmations as part of my daily routine.

Not only do they help me start the day off right, but they also help me stay focused and motivated throughout the rest of the day!

Not sure where to start?

In this blog post you will find 111 powerful morning affirmations that will help you attract positivity energy and achieve your goals.

Let’s get started right away!

Morning Affirmations For Positive Energy

  1. I am grateful for this new day.
  2. Today, I choose to be happy.
  3. I am worthy of love, happiness and respect.
  4. I am surrounded by positive, like-minded people.
  5. I attract success and abundance into my life with ease. 
  6. My need are always met, in perfect timing.
  7. I deserve to reach all my goals and dreams.
  8. I am confident and more than capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.
  9. I am grateful for my many blessings.
  10. Every day I am getting better and better.
  11. I release all negativity from my past and present, I am free to be happy and successful now.
  12. I am open to new opportunities and possibilities.
  13. I easily manifest my desires.
  14. My life is filled with an overflow of joy, love and abundance.
  15. I live each day to the fullest and make sure to make the most of every moment.
  16. I am grateful or the blessing of my health, strength and vitality.
  17. I am kind and compassionate to both myself and others.
  18. I am forgiven and I forgive others.
  19. I love and approve of myself just as I am.
  20. All aspects of my life are improving steadily each day.
  21. Divine timing is always at work in my life, everything happens perfectly and in perfect order.
  22. My intuition is always guiding me towards what is ultimately best for me.
  23. I listen to my heart and trust my gut instinct.
  24. I am always supported by the Universe.
  25. My life is a never-ending adventure.
  26. Everything I need or want comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  27. Money flows easily and abundantly into my life.
  28. I am always surrounded by those who love and support me unconditionally.
  29. I make wise choices and decisions, based on what is best for me.
  30. I have a clear sense of purpose, and I live each day aligned with my goals and values.
  31. My home is a sanctuary of peace, love and relaxation.
  32. I am grateful for my loving relationships.
  33. I am an excellent communicator, and I express myself clearly and effectively.
  34. I handle conflict and adversity with grace and ease.
  35. I am always learning and growing. 
  36. I take care of my mind, body and spirit as they are all important aspects of me.
  37. I fill my life with things that make me happy and bring me joy.
  38. I easily let go of what no longer serves me.
  39. Each day, I become more and more of the person I want to be.
  40. My best is yet to come.
  41. I am grateful and appreciative for everything and everyone in my life.
  42. I am always surrounded by love and positive energy.
  43. I treat myself with kindness, respect and compassion.
  44. I forgive myself for past mistakes and move forward with a positive attitude.
  45. I live in the present moment and do my best to enjoy every moment to the fullest.
  46. My negative thoughts and emotions are released, I only allow positive thoughts and feelings into my life.
  47. I feel confident and am comfortable in my own skin.
  48. I love spending time alone, doing things that make me happy.
  49. I am proud of myself and all that I have already accomplished.
  50. I am happy and content with my life just as it is.
  51. I always make time for things that are important to me.
  52. I give 110% in everything I do, because I am passionate about what I do and where I am going in life.
  53. My success is inevitable, it is only a matter of time until all my dreams come true.
  54. The sky is the limit. 
  55. My potential is limitless.
  56. I am open-minded and willing to try new things.
  57. I take risks and follow my heart, even when it leads me outside of my comfort zone.
  58. Everything happens for a reason, there is a greater purpose behind everything that happens in my life.
  59. There are endless opportunities available to me, and I make the most of each one that comes my way.
  60. Change is always happening in my life, and I embrace it with open arms.
  61. I am adaptable and flexible, able to roll with the punches and go with the flow.
  62. I am always moving forward, even when things are tough, I never give up on myself or my dreams.
  63. I love spending time outdoors in nature, surrounded by the beauty of the world.
  64. I live a life of luxury and abundance, enjoying all the best that life has to offer me.
  65. Travel is a regular part of my life, I explore new places and cultures as often as possible.
  66. I am grateful for my many blessings, and I know that there are always more on the way.
  67. I have a positive outlook on life and I choose to see the good in every situation.
  68. My cup is always overflowing, I am blessed beyond measure.
  69. I attract only positive energy into my life and I radiate love and light to those around me.
  70. All my dreams and goals are within reach and I am confident in my ability to achieve them all.
  71. There is nothing that I can’t do, I am fearless in the face of challenge.
  72. I am a powerful creator and I can manifest my desires to become my reality.
  73. All things are possible for me and I am open to infinite possibilities.
  74. I am always excited about life and I bring enthusiasm into everything I do.
  75. I enjoy every moment because I know life is precious.
  76. Every day is a new opportunity to create my ideal life.
  77. I am in control of my destiny.
  78. My thoughts, words and actions are all aligned with my highest self.
  79. I am living my best life and there is nothing that can stand in my way.
  80. I am on the path to success and I am committed to achieving all of my goals.
  81. My life is an open book, I write my own story and create my own reality.
  82. I am a magnet for success.
  83. Money comes easily to me.
  84. I always have more than enough to meet my needs.
  85. I am always growing and expanding.
  86. I am expanding my horizons in all areas of life.
  87. I am excited for all the great things still to come in my life.
  88. I can achieve anything and everything I set my mind to.
  89. Every day is a new adventure.
  90. I am calm and collected in the face of adversity.
  91. I breathe deeply and evenly, allowing myself to relax.
  92. I feel confident and relaxed knowing that everything will work out in the end.
  93. I am surrounded by an aura of calm and tranquility.
  94. I am in touch with my innermost being and I know that all is well.
  95. I flow through life with a sense of ease and grace.
  96. I am grateful for the peace and calm that surrounds me.
  97. I radiate confidence in everything that I do.
  98. I am fearless and unstoppable.
  99. I am surrounded by an invisible shield of strength and courage.
  100. Wealth, success, happiness and love are mine now, I declare it and it is so.
  101. I am open and honest with my loves ones and we always communicate with respect.
  102. I am surrounded by an abundance of love and it fills me up completely.
  103. I attract wealth and prosperity into my life.
  104. I am generous with my money and it always comes back to me multiplied.
  105. I am financially free and I live life on my own terms.
  106. I am wise beyond my years.
  107. I make decisions with confidence.
  108. I am a force to be reckoned with and I am respected by all.
  109. I love myself unconditionally and I deserve only the best in life.
  110. I am grateful for everything that I have been given.
  111. I radiate confidence and charisma and people are drawn to me.  

Other Questions You May Have

How Often Should I Say My Morning Affirmations?

There is no set number of times that you should say your morning affirmations.

However it is generally recommended that you say them at least once per day.

Additionally, it is helpful to say them out loud so that you can really hear and believe the words.

Pick the affirmations that resonate with you the most and say them to yourself every morning. 

The more you repeat them, the more likely you are to believe them.

And when you believe them, they will start to manifest in your life.

So choose your affirmations wisely and watch as your life changes for the better.

Ultimately, the most important thing is that you find a method that works for you and that you can stick with.

How Many Affirmations Should I Say A Day?

The number of affirmations you say a day all comes down to personal preference.

Personally, I like to say or write down at least 3-5 affirmations a day.

I find that the more I practice them, the better I feel.

However, if you’re just starting out, you may want to start with 1-2 affirmations a day.

This way, you can gradually build up to more affirmations.

When Should I Say My Morning Affirmations?

Morning affirmations are typically said first thing in the morning, after you wake up.

This is because it is a time when your mind is clear and you can really focus on the positive statements.

Instead of reaching straight for your phone or thinking about your to-do list for the day, take a few moments to focus on yourself and your affirmations.

I personally keep a journal by my bed and I say my affirmations as soon as I wake up. 

This way, I can really focus on the words and let them sink in.

However, if for any reason you can’t go over your affirmations in the morning, you can say them at any time during the day such as the afternoon or at night.

It is the most important to find a time that works for you best and that you can actually stick with!

Final Thoughts

So, I think by now it’s crystal clear that morning affirmations are a great way to start your day on a positive note.

They can help to remind you of your goals and what exactly you are working towards, and they can help to set the tone for the rest of your day!

If you find that you need a reminder later in the day, then there is no harm in saying your affirmations then.

Ultimately, the most important thing that’s going to truly make a difference is that you are saying them (or writing them down) regularly and believe in their power.

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