2 Of Pentacles As Feelings: Upright & Reversed Explained

The 2 of Pentacles is a tarot card that mainly radiates a strong sense of balance.

When it comes to feelings, or how someone feels about you, there’s an interesting interpretation to this card. 

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the meaning of this card with regards to feelings in both the upright and reversed position. Without further ado, let’s dive straight in! 

2 Of Pentacles As Feelings

The 2 of Pentacles generally indicates someone is feeling a bit insecure and confused. They definitely feel positive towards you but at the same time have a lot going on at the moment and are trying to judge whether they would be able to give you the love and devotion you deserve. 

Even though it may take them a bit of time to sort things out, someone who represents the 2 of Pentacles in the upright position will clearly communicate towards you what is causing them to behave a bit distant at the moment.

They don’t want to leave you feeling doubtful when it comes to their feelings towards you. 

the two of pentacles tarot card from the Light Seer's Tarot Deck
The 2 of Pentacles tarot card from the beautiful Light Seer’s Tarot Deck

The 2 of Pentacles indicates that there’s a great chance you’ve entered your person’s life quite spontaneously which has caused a significant amount of imbalance for them when it comes to all of their other responsibilities. 

Your person does however really want to give you the time and attention you deserve and will definitely do their best to create a situation where you’ll both feel content with the way your attention towards each-other will be divided.

The situation you’re currently experiencing will only be temporary until everything has fallen into place. 

As the 2 of Pentacles is known as a tarot card that represents resourcefulness as well, you can rest assured that everything will work out in time.

Allow your person some time and space to sort things out while making sure to keep on clearly communicating with each-other along the way. 

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2 Of Pentacles Reversed As Feelings

When pulled in reversed position, the 2 of Pentacles indicates someone feels extremely overwhelmed which as a result is leading to them not being able to make a well-calculated decision. This person feels the need to pull away in order to regain some clarity with regards to how to move forward. 

The 2 of Pentacles in reversed represents someone who finds it very difficult to keep things balanced. This person likely has a lot of stuff going on, especially with regards to their career. 

Now that you’ve suddenly crossed their path, they feel confused and overwhelmed as they’re desperately thinking of ways to fit you into their life.

They’ve realized they will need to make some significant changes in order to be able to prioritize you the way you deserve.

As they feel such a strong sense of overwhelm in the situation, this person is likely to pull back for a certain amount of time in order to get their head straight.

At this moment the pressure is simply weighing on them too much. 

Besides likely being busy with their career, the 2 of Pentacles in reversed can also indicate there is a third party situation going on which is creating a lot of chaos at the moment.

It may be best to take a step back and let your person sort things out while you keep on working on becoming your best possible self for yourself. Trust that if it’s meant to be, it will be. 

the 2 of Pentacles tarot card explained at 1:14:27, video by Moonlight Guidance

Final Thoughts

The 2 of Pentacles in upright position is a positive tarot card to pull when it comes to how someone feels about you.

When this card presents itself to you during a tarot reading it’s a sure fire sign they have your best interest at heart.

However, as the 2 of Pentacles often represents someone who has a lot of things going on in their life, they won’t make a move until they are sure they’re able to give you what you deserve. 

When the 2 of Pentacles comes up in the reversed position this indicates someone feels a strong sense of overwhelm.

They simply got too much on their plate at the moment which makes them unable to focus on love. Once they’ve got things sorted, there’s a great chance they’ll make a move in your direction. 

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