Can Tarot Cards Attract Spirits?

So you’re wondering whether tarot cards can attract spirits (and I’m boldly assuming you’re not referring to those kind of good spirits that like to present themselves in the form of minty mojitos .. hmm .. well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!). Did you just watch a little too many scary movies last night or are your worries somehow justified? Let’s find out quickly.

Can tarot cards attract spirits? Tarot cards are not able to attract spirits, unless you are the one that decides to invite them. As long as you don’t have the intention to attract spirits, they surely won’t come to visit you. The tarot cards don’t hold any power, the person who uses them does.

Now that you can breathe easily knowing you won’t have to throw your tarot decks straight into the nearest fire place, let me give you some useful insights on how to use your cards safely.

Are Tarot Cards Dangerous To Use?

Just as tarot cards are not able to attract bad spirits, the cards in themselves are not evil nor dangerous to use. However, just like any other tool where you get to use your (inner) power, it all depends on your intent of how you’re planning on using the tarot cards that could potentially make them dangerous. As long as your intentions are positive and good, you shouldn’t have any worries using tarot cards.

When you look at the possible danger of tarot cards from a different perspective, the only ‘danger’ that actually can be done with them is when you choose to solely make your life decisions based on the outcome of your tarot reading. Tarot should only be used as a helpful tool to gain insights into your current position in life and where you could possible be heading in the future, by bringing your underlaying thoughts and feelings to the surface. Make sure to not base your life decisions on a single tarot reading. Know you and only you are the one responsible for your life and how you want to live it. If a reading doesn’t resonate at all with you, then please don’t take it too seriously.

What NOT To Do With Tarot Cards

Even though tarot cards are not dangerous or evil when it comes to potentially attracting dark entities or bad spirits, they can do personal harm to your state of mind when you don’t use them in the correct way.

The biggest thing you should always remember when using tarot cards, is to be sure not to ask negative questions. Always make sure your questions are asked in a positive matter and are open ended for the most part. That way, the tarot cards will present themselves in a way most helpful to you, instead of making the way you feel about a situation possibly worse. Tarot cards are there to guide you and should not be used as a substitute for a ‘crystal ball’.

For example, when you are curious whether you will get that job you’re having an interview for tomorrow, don’t simply ask: “will I get the job?” but try to think of something more helpful like: “what can I do to increase the odds of being hired for this job tomorrow?”. This way the cards can be used as a way to give you helpful assistance instead of just a “yes” or a “no”. Also asking questions in an open ended and positive kind of way will help you feel more confident as you will be more in control over the outcome of a certain event.

As tarot cards are just a mere reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings, asking a closed (negative) question is more than likely to give you a similar outcome. Do yourself a favor and ask a question that can contribute to solving a situation or problem in a positive manner.

Another important aspect to remember when it comes to knowing what not to do with tarot cards, is to do a reading when you are feeling over-emotional or are fixating on a certain outcome. When you are feeling over-emotional, chances are that your reading will not be accurate or in any way helpful nor uplifting. Instead of hurrying to get yourself a reading, do the smart thing and wait for a day or two until you feel like you’ve emotionally calmed down a bit. You will thank yourself later.

How To Read Tarot Cards Correctly

When just starting out with tarot, in order to be able to use the cards correctly and safely, it is absolutely essential to know how to read the meanings and interpretations of the tarot cards.

The best way to do this is to get yourself a tarot deck suitable for beginners. Most tarot decks for beginners come with a guidebook where you can learn all of the different meanings and interpretations of the cards.

A tarot deck consists of a total of 78 cards with all different names and illustrations on them. The first 22 cards are called the ‘Major Arcana’ which represent the big life elements and can also be seen as the power cards. The other 56 cards are called the ‘Minor Arcana’ and can be separated in four groups of 14 cards: wands, cups, swords and pentacles. The Minor Arcana can be seen as the supportive cards for the Major Arcana and reveal details of circumstances and further constructive insights.

In order to memorize all the cards, a great tool I used as well myself is a tarot journal. A tarot journal can help you memorize the tarot cards more quickly and easily as you will write everything down. It also can help you keep track of the outcomes of your readings, so you can look back and check whether the reading turned out to be true for you. This way, over time, you will connect with your tarot cards more and more, and your readings will become more accurate as you proceed.

So to conclude, tarot cards are not dangerous and can not attract bad spirits. Tarot can be seen as an important instrument to help you gain insight and clarity on your life path, sort of like your personal spiritual compass.

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